Monthly Archives: November 2019

The Tribal “Here Boy!”

dogsThey called. He came. The Great Dog Summoning is one of my nephew’s latest drawings posted on instagram. It’s also one of the audio tracks he posted on soundcloud under the name Burial Gate. I love it when Reggie (my nephew) lets his imagination off the leash and conjures up nocturnal sounds and images. When the grass glows, and the dogs dance, I’ll know I’m either in a dream, or in one of Reggie’s drawings.

The Apple Bakers

applebakersWhen the weather gets cold and Granny Smith apples turn crisp, I know that “apple baking day” is right around the corner. Jan and Jenny have been getting together to bake those apple pies, apple fritters, and apple dumplings for the last 17 years. It’s a tradition. A few of those years I got together with Jan’s husband, Jeremy. Depending on the weather we would either go to an arcade, a toy train store, or a friend’s house… we never could stick with one thing like our wives did.

Still Steven After All These Years

withamicHe moves like a statue and he sounds like an uncle that just woke up. It has to be Steven Wright. I was flipping through youtube videos when I came across his 1990 HBO special, Wicker Chairs and Gravity. I couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s a partial transcript of the one liners:
“I’m staying in an old hotel, they sent me a wakeup letter.”

“One time I stayed in a hotel, the pool was on the 23rd floor… couldn’t believe how deep it was.”

“I was walking home one day, I accidentally fell asleep in somebody’s
satellite dish. My dreams were showing up on TVs all over the world.”

“One time I went fishing with Salvador Dali… he was using a dotted line… he caught every other fish.”

“If you shoot a mime, should you use a silencer?”

This Is How We Do It

01recordingPlug in a cable.
Flip a switch.
Push a button.
Check the audio levels.
In the simplest terms, this is how I make a podcast. Sometimes the editing process feels like I’m putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and when the computer slows down it feels like I’m watching a turtle race. Regardless of the metaphor, we are gaining ground and making headway on THE EPILOGUE CABIN. Here is a sneak preview of upcoming shows.

Late Night Karate

karateDOUIt’s been a really long time since I’ve hung out at Tapcade in KC. I used to go there mostly on Fridays to scratch my video game itch. Since Hoovie gave me an arcade machine, I’ve just been hanging out at home finding and playing new old games like Karate Champ (pic above). Actually the one that works on my machine is the Japanese version called Karate Dou. I don’t understand the audio, but I know when it’s time to fight. Last night I stayed up practicing my gut punches and roundhouse kicks until the antihistamines took hold.

KC To A Tee

KConaTEEAmy wore this cool t-shirt last week when she came in for her morning coffee. When I asked if I could take a picture of it, she was more than happy to stretch it out like a canvas painting. The four landmarks that I highlighted are just a few that I noticed right away. There’s more to the city than meets the eye. Amy was also the friend who helped me come up with the title for my 2019 KCRW Radio Race entry: THE BIG OOF.

“Let Your Light From The Lighthouse…”

ALL…shine on me.” Those are lyrics from a Blind Willie Johnson song recorded in the late 1920′s. Yesterday The Enduros played it in church. There’s something very satisfying about playing with a group of guys that are willing to jump off any musical cliff that our 5 piece collective is racing toward. Every once in awhile there’s a hiccup or a missed chord, but these guys aren’t chicken– they will stay in the car with me even when it’s in a free fall, and headed for the rocks. Here’s a little sample of our pre-service music– minus a death defying cliff hurdle.RightAgitatedAvians-size_restricted

The Return Of Dinovember

dinovemberSTICKYDinovember is here again. It’s the time of year when Refe & Susan Tuma wreck their home in the name of fun and creativity. In past years the Kansas City couple have photographed plastic dinosaurs around overturned cereal bowls and unwound toilet paper rolls. This year it looks like the dinosaurs are finally seeing consequences to their actions. Check out more cool pics on their website.

Good Grief! He’s Awesome!

charliebyskottieSkottie Young drew this version of Charlie Brown and posted it on instagram yesterday. He’s a professional cartoonist right here in KC! We were both at the Midland Theater to see John Cusack two weeks ago. He came up and said “hi!” after the Q&A session. It turns out that he’s a regular customer at Homer’s. Now we talk every time he comes in for coffee. Yesterday I found his website. This guy is super talented.

Wakin’ Up Is Hard To Do

coffeecrossGet ready for a peek behind the curtain… most mornings my routine is:
1) Plug both phones into their chargers
2) Feed Max
3) Warm up coffee in the microwave
4) Look out the front door window with Max
5) Drink coffee & do the crossword
After taking a picture of the last list item on the list, an old Neil Sedaka song popped in to my head… only with different lyrics. This is what I heard.