Monthly Archives: May 2013

New Postcard Page

yeahhey, guess what? i just made it alot easier to pull up previous episodes of our audio series postcards from home. now there is a page where you can see them archived. just click on each one to listen. no more searching. easy, right?

Doctor Who in My Church

who’s ready to go to church now? allons-y!

Family Mondo Beep

yepi’ll be at my black family reunion this weekend. my mom’s maiden name is black. the reunions used to be a sweaty august gathering after church at my aunt and uncle’s home. now we meet in an affordable air conditioned tribal hall. mom asked me to bring my guitar to entertain the kids. i responded, “yeah, i could do that OR i could bring mondo beep and show them how play synthesized carrots!” if i can’t bring back the august sweat at earl and margie’s, i can at least make some of my relatives feel uncomfortable.

Robots Among Us

daft punk has been churning out awesome electronica since the late 1980′s. their latest offering is song called get lucky, but i’m still hung up on harder better faster stronger ala this video.


texasour little audio series, postcards from home, doesn’t show signs of slowing down. the toronto postcard has been mailed, and we just finished editing most of the stammering out of show #5. click here for show about texas.

Too Many Login Attempts

break-ini received an email from wordpress after someone who isn’t me tried to log in to my blog as an administrator. thankfully, wordpress automatically blocks the would be hacker for 24 hours after 20 failed tries.

Postcards #5 Preview

chugit’s a little show that says “i think i can, i think i can,” and it just keeps chugging away. jenny & i recorded our 5th episode of postcards from home tonight. it will be a couple of days before the entire episode is available, but for now you can click here for a preview.

3 Minute Fiction: Round 11

s&wso i wrote another story for NPR’s three minute fiction contest, and talked a co-worker into doing the same. we both wrote about something that we found at one time, but had NO intention of returning… that was the theme for round 11. if the judges pick one (or both) of our stories, i’ll post a link… if they don’t, i’ll still post them here.

I Still Buy Records

kim and VRkim wilde’s self titled debut album is my most recent vinyl record purchase. it originally came out in 1981. i bought it for $8 at vinyl renaissance’s new location which is a 5 minute walk from my house. i’ve seen music videos for two of the songs on it: kids in america and chequered love. kim never smiles but but there’s something upbeat in these songs that makes me wonder why this 80′s pop sound ever went away.

Yonge Street, Toronto

yonge stpeople are actually asking us when another episode of postcards from home will be up for grabs… well here you go! click here to listen to our 4th show about a postcard from toronto. if you have any comments on the show, leave them here or email us at: