Monthly Archives: March 2015

Happy Birthday Sis!

me and darladarla is my sister. today is her birthday. when mom and dad brought darla home from the hospital, mom said that i had to care of my new little sister. i wasn’t even three yet. as the years went by we used bath towels for capes and pretended to be super heroes, woke up early to watch saturday morning cartoons, and ran through sprinklers in the summer. i can’t imagine my childhood without her. i love you sis.

Coming Attractions That Go Beep!

action shotbeep goes the weasel is an interactive art project that angie wolford, matt hawkins, and i started last summer at the boulevard drive in. this summer we are returning to the boulevard (located at 1051 Merriam Ln, Kansas City, KS). the first two dates scheduled are may 9 & 30. we’ll also be playing at johnson county library july 11 and august 8. oh, and you can expect to hear some beeps at the overland park farmer’s market on a couple of wednesdays too.

The Day We Stormed The Castle

sara's jump croppedtwo of my nieces stayed with us last weekend. saturday afternoon i took sara and mary lynn to a castle that jenny and i discovered last year. the three of us climbed to the top, took in the sights, and signed a geocache log. later i took this pic of sara near the base of the castle.

We Are Not Alone

HONDONIANSi just watched the history of future folk on netflix. it’s an independent movie about two aliens that were going to destroy everyone on earth to make room for their own species… but then they discovered bluegrass music and spared us all from a flesh eating virus doomsday machine. guess i’m not the only weirdo in love with space themes. hondo.

Catch Up

KETCHUPi had a few minutes in the last 48 hours to catch up on some other blogs that i’m writing for. the fifth in a series of how i got the rocket grant was emailed to nick and the gang at IUAH two days ago. if it’s not up and you only see four posts on that blog when you read this, just put everything on hold and wait for it… ok, i’m joking. it may a few days or weeks before they put it on their blog. i also uploaded an overdue post to the rocketblog that lets readers know what to expect from beep goes the weasel in 2015.

Century Old Light

livermore light bulbthere is a light bulb on the west coast that hasn’t been changed since 1911. it’s inside fire station #6 in livermore, california— it is on now. i found out about it from 99% invisible, which is “a tiny radio show about design, architecture & the 99% invisible activity that shapes our world.” (quoted text from the show’s website). if you are wondering how a light bulb can stay on for so long, click here to listen to the story. the episode is about 16 minutes long. there is also a webcam aimed at the bulb that updates every 30 seconds. you can see it here. 99% invisible is just one of several awesome podcasts found on check ‘em out.

Return to the Arcade

time pilot ianian and i went to the new screenland crossroads yesterday to see blade runner. it was the first time either of us had seen it on the big screen. after the movie we played arcade games from the 80′s. ian got high score on time pilot. i tried to get high score on donkey kong.

The Beeps Come Out At Night

beeping at homerslast saturday (february 28, 2015) was the first time vegetables were played at homer’s. beep goes the weasel is an art project where homegrown produce is hardwired to a laptop and then played like a synthesizer. angie wolford, matt hawkins, and i came in from the cold and added a theremini and two short films with the permission of