Monthly Archives: October 2020

She’s Braver Than I Am

batgirlShe’s my monkey woman, my bat girl, she’s my wife who can hang upside down by her knees. I never tried this as a kid. I was too paranoid of falling on my head. Too afraid of gravity. If only I had gone to the circus, got some sawdust in my hair, seen a horse jump through a ring of fire… maybe then I could have met an old trapeze artist who would have told me that falling feels like flying until you hit the ground… or the safety net– whichever comes first.

Chimenea Night

chimeneastillSnap… crackle… pop… is not just a cereal with delayed sound effects. Last night I sat in front of our chimenea while Jenny was in a Zoom meeting. My apologies for the lack of definition in this photo. I didn’t realize that you can barely see me. I guess I just wanted to lose myself in this moment and become one with the night and the fire.

Happy Birthday Mom!

MTM“Who can the turn the world on with her smile?” My Mom, that’s who! She may never have worked for a TV news station like Mary Tyler Moore, but we sure watched enough episodes to get a feel for it! Happy Birthday Mom! You can take a “nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile!” Love is all around so… I think I’m gonna go watch a couple of Mary Tyler Moore shows now. There a bunch of them on YouTube y’know.

Heebie Jeebies

steve martinHAPPYFEET1You can’t see them in this photo, but Steve Martin has happy feet. That’s what he used to call it in the 1970′s before he would start dancing randomly to no beat at all. My feet do a different dance right as I’m going to bed some nights. It feels like someone is tickling my soles, and I grew up calling it the heebie jeebies. Well tonight I’ve got that feeling again. I even wrote a song about it years ago…

My Neighbor’s Son’s Book

barbsbensBOOKMy neighbor Barb showed me her son’s book last Thursday night. It’s a dissertation he wrote and submitted to Stanford. When I asked if she’d read it she shook her head and said “are you kidding?” Barb introduced me to her son, Ben, years ago when he was down for a visit. They both came to see me play vegetables at Salon Kitch one Friday night. Ben seemed like a normal guy with normal intellect, but someone who can write a book like this is thinking on a different plane. I would have more luck working a Sunday New York Times Crossword puzzle than I would digesting whole sentences in this book.

The Groovy Bandstand

parkpaperairplane1The park behind our house got a facelift over the summer. It used to have an old style round gazebo where bands played. They tore that down. Now there’s a giant paper airplane that you can walk behind at night and feel trippy. We haven’t heard any bands play there yet, but someone should work up some Grateful Dead tunes and just start jamming when those hallucinogenic lights come on and slowly change…parkpaperairplane2

If You Talk In Your Sleep…

FTD-Elvis-Murfreesboro-74-b-“…don’t mention my name.” Consider it a request from the King. I totally forgot about this song until I heard it Sunday afternoon. I love the fact that some radio stations replay old American Top 40 countdowns. This one was from 1974. Casey said that this song was Elvis’ 96th song to hit the charts. Just in case you forgot how it goes, here’s the actual song in all it’s 70′s glory.