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Back One Hour & One Hundred Years

WymancycleOne minute it was 1:00 in the afternoon, and the next minute it was noon.  Tuesday we drove west to Paxton, NE and crossed over into Mountain Time.  There were no mountains, but I did have a sense of deja vu.  I had been here before, but this time I was going with the deliberate intention of traveling back in time, even if it was just for one hour.  We parked our time machine next to an old depot that is now an antique shop.  Turns out it was a stopping point for George Wyman, the first man to ride a motorcycle across the country in 1903.  According to the locals he stopped in Paxton to wait out a storm that lasted 3 hours.  Later he spent the night in Maxwell.

The Air Up There

firetowerIt was a little chilly and windy, but it was worth it.  Wednesday we climbed up 5 flights to the top of a lookout tower in the Halsey National Forest.  It was part of our week long visit to Jenny’s western Nebraska roots.  From that height we could see eye to eye with one turkey buzzard who briefly glided within spitting distance.  He was either taking in the sights or looking for his lunch.

Always Ready to Go Hunting

BENGEOANDMEUnless I was on my deathbed, the answer was obvious.  Christy invited me to go geocaching with her family and I accepted.  It was a new experience for Ben (pictured above on the left) and Katelyn to go looking through bushes, under rocks, and along fences for treasure– and we found three out of four!  It was one of the last cool mid-50′s nights before the temps started rising, and it was glorious.  So glad I still have some bloodhound in my veins to go sniffing around for hidden containers full of foreign coins, rubber balls, and other trinkets!

Sort of Ambidextrous

leftandrightI should have drawn these cartoons at the same time with each hand, but I guess hindsight is 20/20.  Recently at work I was getting tired of using my right hand to work my mouse, so I moved it over to the other side of the keyboard.  I’m a little slower with my left hand, but I can still click a mouse.  Then I wondered, “I wonder how wobbly a cartoon would look if I drew it with my left hand?” I’m right handed.  So I drew one with my right hand, and then I drew one with my left.  The one on the left looks like it was drawn by a stroke victim.

Between Adam and Eve

eve me and adamEve is on the left.  You can tell it’s her because she’s holding the apple… and she has wider hips than Adam.  This is another photo from our trip to Lucas, KS.  This pic is from the Garden of Eden where S.P. Dinsmoor sculpted figures from his imagination and the bible, collected badgers, owls, and other wildlife in his backyard, and built a mausoleum for his mummified corpse– which you can still see for $9 (the cost of admission).

Max Yawn

max_yawnHe sleeps, he snores, he stretches, he yawns… he’s Max, my cat.  I was taking a nap the other day when Max decided to get on Jenny’s side of the bed and take one too.  I couldn’t believe my luck when he yawned as I was taking this pic.