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Gabe, Thelma, and Dad

gabe_thelma_dadSeeing this pic right before going to bed last night was like finding a gift after Christmas, seeing a cotton candy sunset, and getting a quarter from the tooth fairy all at the same time.  That’s my Uncle Gabe, my Aunt Thelma, and my dad.

Return of the Modern Rock 500

97XBAM! A few hours ago I found out that WOXY’s Modern Rock 500 Countdown is coming back one more time! All of my favorite DJ’s who went down with the ship when the station went off the air 20 years ago will be there too! I’ll get to hear Mike Taylor, Barb Abney, Shivvy, Sledge, Joe Long, Bryan Jay Miller, and MANY others. Honestly I get happy anytime I hear the word “BAM!” because it reminds me of WOXY and all the great music and voices I heard there.

A Change Is Gonna Come

01 martyAre you ready for the time shift?  This weekend most of us will travel into the future exactly one hour.  Hawaii and Arizona will stay in the past while the rest of the United States saves the living daylights for the next 8 months.  I wonder if residents living near time zones that separate Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern time zones ever get used to it.  I imagine that they travel through time faster than a clock ticks off the minutes.  In my home state someone driving west from Brewster to Goodland can go back in time in the span of 20 miles.  It would be cool if there was vertical map of cities that straddle the time zones, and tourist attractions with a time travel theme could thrive to bolster those rural communities.  Until then standard time will resume November 5.

Audio Flare Gun

MIDDLE DIAGONAL SHOTThe songs and sounds are still playing in my head.  You can take the DJ out of the radio station, but you can’t take radio station out of the DJ.  Soon I’ll be resurrecting my on-air self with the debut of AUDIO FLARE GUN, a show that features melodies, maladies, and abnormalities for anyone who can relate.  These sound waves are not an S.O.S., they are signals to all the other music geeks that we are not alone.  The first episode is coming soon here, on lines, and on — so don’t touch that dial!

Walk, Boom, Ice!

walk boom iceIn my mind I imagine Mark, Nina, Alan, Martha, and J.J. moonwalking, doing the funky chicken, and running around this frozen plaza with glee. The past has come back to haunt us because someone in Minnesota is talented and nostalgic.  My co-worker texted me this image from Minnesota where she found this ice sculpture that proves that the 80′s are still waaaay cool! Party on Ruby!

Vulcans From 1972

VULCANS_STARTREKThere once was a reggae group called Vulcans.  Their debut album, Star Trek was released in 1972 on the Trojan record label.  Tracks include: Joe Kidd, Red Herring, and Shang Hied.  The album flopped– but I heard Shang Hied today on Heavyweight Reggae via

The Disquiet Junto & Me

Think of a rabbit hole full of every weird sound you could imagine. Lines is an online forum full of experimenters, synthesizers, noise makers, and artists that defy descriptions.  Last fall I joined this community, and I began uploading my own electronic offerings to various threads.  My recording below is the 27th track of the Disquiet Junto Project: On Ice.

Duran Durwhen

duran_durwhen2023 still sounds like a Van Halen record or a futuristic movie title, it’s hard to believe it’s actually here.  Duran Duran helped bring in the new year last night on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve by playing a medley of their hits from the 80′s.  Jenny and I didn’t stay up to watch the ball drop, but her brother Ben did.  When he texted us that he had seen Duran Duran performing at 10:39, I went looking for it online this morning, and found another video of them doing the same songs on MTV 40 years ago in 1982.  These days the lead singer has a middle aged spread, but he can still hit the high notes.  Rock on wild boys.  Happy new year.

Neck And Neck

ANTICIPATIONThe day is dripping like ketchup from a half empty bottle, and creeping like an elderly person without a walker.  Time never moves this slow when I want it to, only when I’m at work, or enduring something.  At this point I don’t care who wins, the ketchup, the old man, it doesn’t matter.  I just want one of them to cross the finish line so I can clock out and go home.

Sip, Drag, Exhale

frankenstein_coffee_cigaretteTerrorizing small villages can be very stressful.  It’s especially exhausting when you’re shocked in consciousness by a bolt of lightning and trying to outrun an angry mob carrying torches– and they KNOW you are deathly afraid of fire!  If anyone needed a smoke break and a spot of tea it was Boris Karloff in 1930 when he played Frankenstein’s monster.