Monthly Archives: August 2013

Vinyl Discoveries

robbins_marty_all_time-hitsi picked up a collection of marty robbins’ songs this week from my local record store, vinyl renaissance. this double album has two of my faves: el paso and big iron. i also found out how to play a record with cardboard and a needle:

One Busy Week

exhausted clerkthere weren’t any blog entries this week because i was doing more work than usual @ homer’s while the managers were on vacation: extra grocery runs, filling shifts, fixing wifi issues… and i wasn’t alone. thanks to everyone who helped pick up the slack.

Going Abroad at Home

passportwent to the ethnic enrichment festival yesterday. got my passport punched for 21 countries. i got separated from our group of friends when they were getting food and i was getting my passport punches so i called jenny’s cell phone.
“where are you?” she asked.
“france” i said.
…and then i realized how funny that sounded.

Electro Summit

DCIM101MEDIAjerry ponzer came to the house thursday to go over plans for mondo beep in september. we’ll be moving the spectacle to 18th and baltimore (under the TWA rocket) for more space, better volume, and a longer stay.

Check Check…

is this thing on? just checking to see if my blog post generates a tweet.

The Final Countdowns

bothlast night jenny & i watched the final countdown with kirk douglas and martin sheen. it’s a movie about an aircraft carrier that goes back in time for a few hours right before the japanese bomb pearl harbor. then we watched europe’s music video for their 1986 hit, the final countdown. in the video a bunch of guys from sweden jump around a stage with moussed up hair, while their fans mouth the words to the song.

Kukla Fran & Ollie

3…i mean, clay chris and me. i have played in and out of bands with these two guys since 1990. since then alot of beer has gone under the bridge, and hundreds of songs have either come to life or died on the stage. one night in westport, clay couldn’t even drive home after a gig because his truck was part of a crime scene.

Hey Lloyd

All Systems Go

mosesthis morning i thought bad weather was going to prevent mondo beep from happening @ first fridays, but it looks like someone is holding back the rain! jerry ponzer and i will be plugged in and jamming electro in about an hour.