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Houston, We Have MTV

GIFs Of The 80s — MTV Misson Control - 1984
I wasn’t actually in front of a TV screen when video killed the radio star, but you can bet I watched MTV every chance I got during the 1980′s– and I watched it at Hoovie’s house!  We only got the three major networks at my house, but Hoovie had cable, and that meant he had MTV, God bless him!  I can still remember thinking “it will always be this way, watching music videos, eating junk food, drinking soda…” I had no idea how fleeting those days would be.  Now when I get a hankering for videos by the Motels, Huey Lewis, the Kinks, or ABC, all running together and hosted by the original VJ’s, I just pop in a flash drive full of 80′s goodness that I downloaded from and go back in time to Hoovie’s living room.