Monthly Archives: January 2012

Distortion and Delay

wake the kids! call the neighbors! i just acquired two of the coolest effect pedals ever!  i’ll be playing multiple instruments through distortion and delay pedals this friday night at 7pm in the crossroads art district. if you hear something that sounds like an alien invasion… it’s just me. i’ll be next to a big orange truck in front of hammerpress.

In The Neighborhood

saw this car on a walk with jenny in our neighborhood, and three movies came to mind: dead-end drive in, better off dead, and christine.

Hoot Owls

tuesday night, jenny and i were on a walk around south lake park when we heard these two owls in the twilight.

Wailin’ Wall @ Homer’s

just a quick reminder that wailin’ wall plays this friday night at homer’s coffeehouse starting at 7:30. what kind of music do we play? glad you asked! it’s a variety of favorites ranging from let my people go go to midnight special. hope you can be there!

Zeke and Molly

molly (one of our nieces) and her boyfriend, zeke, stayed with us over the weekend. we drove around town, swung on the monkey bars, jammed on accordion and guitar– but the big news is… we made another episode of ABRACADINER! stay tuned for more details.

Siamese Synths

danny williams brought over his new ipad with AWESOME synth apps. here’s a quick montage of what it sounded like. apologies for the distortion. still working out the kinks to play this alongside a monotron filtered speak and math. can’t wait to play this on the street.

Mi Padre

my dad visited us over the weekend. he lives in el paso, so personal visits like this are a rare treat. jenny & i drove him to my sister’s house so he could visit her family also. when he left on monday he took the warm weather with him.

Molly and Georgia

two of my nieces performed at a coffeehouse in lincoln recently, and i couldn’t be more proud. georgia had already done a few solo shows playing guitar and singing, but somehow she convinced her sister molly to join on accordion and backup vocals. i know from experience that it takes courage to put yourself in front of a crowd, and georgia and molly have what it takes. they also have a cool sound. here’s a sample of some of the songs they played. this isn’t the first time i featured them on my blog, they have also planked, and appeared as guests on abracadiner.

The Volvo That Slept

almost forgot about the volvo i saw on my way home from the crossroads art district last friday night. it was parked behind a big catholic church on southwest boulevard. i didn’t know it was a volvo at first, it just looked like an otherworldly vehicle that was waiting to come to life. thankfully i didn’t wake it up when i took this pic with my samsung phone.

Last Friday First Friday

i had a brainstorm last friday for a crossroads art district first friday show: i wedged myself between YJ’s snack bar and the fire jugglers, and made electronic sounds from various instruments (and non instruments). this mp3 features an optical theremin with kyle and kevin using their cell phones for a light source. most people were startled and annoyed, but the ones who dug it stood around and joined in after awhile. big thanks to kyle, kevin, danny, and parker for making the scene!