Third Friday Beeps @ Salon Kitch Again!

meandkitchbeep goes the weasel is coming back to salon kitch in two weeks for third fridays in old overland park. last december we coaxed some folks off of the sidewalk to jam with us, and februrary 19 we’ll do it again! click here to see the highlights from the last show, or just scroll down a little further to watch. here’s an added bonus: this time we’ll be surrounded by the artwork of my 2014 rocket grant collaborator: angie wolford!angies_art_at_kitchs_salonthese are just a few prints that she hung yesterday.

Things To Do On a Sunday

everythingdownload 9 more atari 2600 game by game podcasts: check
watch 44 minutes of classic mtv: check
stick 2 sweet potato roots up my nose: check
locate a friend’s geocache that was reported missing: check
whew! it’s been a busy afternoon! maybe it’s time for a nap– no wait, jenny says we need to go the grocery store while everyone else is hunkering down to watch the super bowl.

Bowling Atari 2600 Style

sized bowli caught a cold in the middle of january that took over two weeks to shake. a couple of days later i caught another one. it’s a milder strain (no sore throat this time), but it still kept me indoors. as a result i racked up a high score on the atari 2600 bowling game. see for yourself. the thing that made this more surreal is that i was listening to the atari 2600 game by game podcast as i was playing the game.

I’m Not Bruce… But OK

Cell-Phone-man-copyi downloaded this story from it clocks in at 6 and a half minutes, and it’s about a guy who gets mistaken for someone else when he picks up his phone. but instead of saying “sorry wrong number,” he goes along with it, and pranks the caller. this guy is my new hero. phone hi-jinks are just something you don’t hear about anymore, because most people prefer text or email.

My Cousin’s Birthday Party

combopicmy cousin andrew just turned 8. we threw him a party at an arcade in kansas city. the place was full of games like tron, robotron, space invaders, galaga, and dig dug. it was cool watching kids go from game to game trying to figure them out. we paid $5 at the door for unlimited play. the two pics on top show the 3-D puzzle that we got for the birthday boy. the pics below are of me and andrew, and my high score on robotron.

Cosmic To The Max

maxcomputeri haven’t posted anything about our cat since last august. here is max between me and the computer. he fakes an interest in the mouse cursor until i give in and play with him on the floor. in this video, i wondered what he would do if he saw himself on the screen. he was more interested in the little white arrow.

The David Wax Museum

DWMcombothe david wax museum is a band that played an afternoon gig at vinyl renaissance (our local record store) this weekend. i first heard them on folk alley, the same station that plays songs like pompadour by tim o’brien and any way i do by tracy grammer. ironically, the david wax museum’s latest release, guesthouse, is a departure from their folk roots and sounds more like mexican american rock n’ roll. jenny & i totally dug it.

The Other Library in Gardner, KS

geogardnerjenny and i went for a sunday drive after lunch today. we headed southwest to gardner, ks and found a cool geocache. it was called going to the library, so we went to the city library first, only to found out it was still over a mile away. when we finally drove right up to it, we were in a subdivision on the outskirts of town, and there was a homemade structure in someone’s front yard that said “free library.” it was full of books and magazines, but we found a hidden shelf that held the actual geocache container. jenny signed the logbook, and we swapped a nebraska postcard for a plastic stegosaurus triceratops (thanks to mike sayre for the dinosaur species correction).

High Five and a Walk By

highfivethis image is a good example of how beep goes the weasel went last thursday night at the johnson county central library grand re-opening: one guy is making veggie music, and another guy avoids eye contact. ok, it wasn’t always like that. there were actually alot of people that were curious and jammed with me that night. if you don’t believe me check out additional pics on the beep goes the weasel page.

Mariachi Flor De Toloache

mariachi2mariachi flor de toloache is an amazing group that appeared recently on NPR’s tiny desk series. i watch the tiny desk series on tv through my roku device. you can watch it here. i called my dad in el paso to ask if he knew about this group. he was watching the chiefs beat the texans.