First Cassette Single

bryan-adams-heat-of-the-night-1987-calast saturday casey kasem was counting down the top 40 hits from april 11, 1987 on a nova scotia radio station. on that day bryan adams debuted at #32 with heat of the night. it was the first time a single was released on a cassette instead of vinyl.

The Youngest Guest

abracadiner off the recordafter 11 episodes and a two year hiatus, abracadiner returns… sort of. the camera man is on strike so we took this photo and interviewed a newborn baby, the youngest guest on the show since guitarian. here’s the transcript:

me: hey thanks for coming on the show!
baby: no sweat. you can thank my folks, they brought me into this world.
me: wow! that’s right! you’ve only been out for what, two weeks now?      what’s that like?
baby: you make it sound like i was in prison!
me: sorry.
baby: that’s ok, you just gotta realize, first impressions mean alot especially at my age.
me: you are wise beyond your years.
baby: weeks.
me: right.

Can’t Stop The Beat

electronic-drum-machine-shirt-omy drum shirt stopped working recently, and i’m not sure why. alot of people said “noooooo!” when i told them, so i ordered another one to keep the beat going. it should be here before the next first friday.

Mondo Pop Up

popupmondo beep will be at the pop up art gallery for first fridays tonight. thanks to corin for the invitation, and to camilo for hosting. there will also be belly dancing, body piercing, and other shenanigans. the pop up gallery is located at 2100 grand ave. (across the street from the western auto bldg.). the fun starts @ 6pm.

Sick and Productive

twisted playmatei was sick on saturday with a cold, and i had stomach issues on sunday, but i managed to make this video for my sister-in-law who was stuck in a baltimore airport. we texted lyrics back and forth for a few minutes, and then decided i should record this song so she could watch it while she waited for her flight.

Happy Birthday Darla

darlai tried to find the old pic where i’m like 4, and holding darla in my lap. it’s around here somewhere. i love you sis.

My Squigglevision Head

squiggle_head_xvidhere’s my second attempt at creating squigglevision without the aid of adobe flash or photoshop. this experiment took a few minutes at home and one trip to the library. the first time was 3 hours for 30 seconds. OH! and i learned how to make a gif online! live long and squiggle.


fear of strangersmtvclassic1 is a youtube channel that has nearly 500 music videos from the 1980′s, regarded by some as the golden age of mtv. when i started streaming the internet to my tv i thought VEVO was cool, but it mostly plays well known videos. this channel is cooler because the artists and songs are mostly obscure, and it includes mtv bumpers and 15-60 minute clips with the original VJ’s. the pic above is from the video shopping for dogs by fear of strangers.

March Mondo

hannahandangieit was kinda brisk for mondo beep last friday night, but a few people made it out. thanks to everyone who braved the cooler temps, played carrots, and took fliers. i’ll post video and audio in the next few days.

The Outlook For First Fridays

expertsour crack team of  meterologists are predicting a warming trend for the next 48 hours. that means mondo beep will return to the sidewalk for first fridays near 18th and baltimore! if you’re in the crossroads art district this friday between 6-9pm, you might hear something that sounds robotic and chaotic. it’s only me and a few others experimenting with close encounters of the beepy kind.