Look Who’s Counting!

9countNASA’s counting, the count is counting, we’re all counting down the days to THE EPILOGUE CABIN, a high school reunion podcast with the class of ’84. The first show goes up Christmas Eve. Here’s the countdown so far.

Countdown To A Cabin

10countTen is a good round number. THE EPILOGUE CABIN is a good round podcast. Whaddya say we start the countdown?! The first episode will go up on Christmas Eve– 10 days from (looks at watch) now. Start ignition sequencer, do one more systems check… and …go! We’ll post a daily updated countdown on THE EPILOGUE CABIN page.

Kindred Mall Rat

coversmallHe did it. He saved the 80′s in a hardback book and froze time in a bottle. When I heard Michael Galinsky talk about his book on Stuck in the 80′s it was only a matter of minutes before I ordered one online. That was over three months ago and I squealed like a little girl yesterday when I saw a book-sized box that the mailman left behind. The picture below is on one of the first few pages from the book. It might as well be a page from my past.girlsThe rest of the book is full of pictures just like that one: big hair, shirts tucked in, fluorescent colors. I can’t help it. I love seeing those old fashions and storefronts somewhere besides my dreams.

Happy Holidays!

VINTAGChristmas. You can almost hear sleigh bells until grandma goes into one of her coughing fits. It’s memories like this that make us shake our heads… and then nod our heads. God bless the goons at weird vintage everyday. I hope they never stop looking for these priceless moments.

What Makes A Human Tick

supermareBack in 2004 I was guaranteed one minute of international fame when this image popped up every afternoon at 5:43 on the human clock. I submitted the photo fifteen years ago after our trip to Europe. Jenny & I had dinner with friends last week. During our visit they told us about their recent trip to Ireland and Scotland, and had some cool vacation pics to show us. One picture had an outdoor laundromat with numbered machines. It reminded me of the human clock. I went back and found the account I created. There are some new additions to the website:
ANALOG…an analog human clock
POBOX…a P.O. Box clock
regularcalendar…and a human calendar

No Convy Cash Today

themanThe weather was good, the crowd wasn’t surly, and it was easy to find parking close to Main Street last Tuesday night for the Joplin Christmas Parade. When I met my family near 8th and Main, a young woman from ShowMe The Ozarks Magazine took my picture along with my step dad and brother-in-law. The woman asked each one of us for our names, and there was a slight moment of hesitation. Bert Convy. Flip Wilson. Abe Vigoda. I’ve held on to those old TV names like uncashed checks in my brain wallet since the 1970′s, and for a brief moment I wanted to see if their currency was still recognized. I imagined her taking our photos and names back to the office, and her editor saying “Wait a minute… why do those names sound familiar? Hey! Those guys are all DEAD!” It might have been the parade’s theme of Christmas Through the Decades that made me want to go back in time. I don’t know. We ended up giving our real names to the young photographer and then we cheered and waved when the high school band marched by. Sara (my niece) was playing the flute!

Thanksgiving Day Jams

justthe3ofusWe ate, we gave thanks, and we made music on Thanksgiving. I can always count on playing my guitar when I stay in Joplin over the weekend, and if the timing is right there are other musicians who chime in. Jane and Sara, two of my nieces,  jammed with me on ukulele and casio Thursday night while Jenny, Mom, and Darla were cleaning up in the kitchen.

Giddy Up Gobble Gobble!

turkeyriderOne time  I asked my grandma what it was like growing up on the farm & how far she had to ride the school bus. She answered: “School bus?!? I never heard of such nonsense! Sonny, in my day we either walked to school, or we rode the family TURKEY! And as you can see by this old photo, we were happy to do it!” Thanksgiving was a hit this year in Joplin. We took the saddle off the turkey, and cooked it until it was tender.

The Tribal “Here Boy!”

dogsThey called. He came. The Great Dog Summoning is one of my nephew’s latest drawings posted on instagram. It’s also one of the audio tracks he posted on soundcloud under the name Burial Gate. I love it when Reggie (my nephew) lets his imagination off the leash and conjures up nocturnal sounds and images. When the grass glows, and the dogs dance, I’ll know I’m either in a dream, or in one of Reggie’s drawings.

The Apple Bakers

applebakersWhen the weather gets cold and Granny Smith apples turn crisp, I know that “apple baking day” is right around the corner. Jan and Jenny have been getting together to bake those apple pies, apple fritters, and apple dumplings for the last 17 years. It’s a tradition. A few of those years I got together with Jan’s husband, Jeremy. Depending on the weather we would either go to an arcade, a toy train store, or a friend’s house… we never could stick with one thing like our wives did.