Inspiration From Artificial Intelligence

jovialloser“DON’T COMPROMISE WITH SOCIETY. CHANGE.” this is what happens when two guys react to a ton of inspirational posters that say the same upbeat predictable things like Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement or Make your life a masterpiece. Peder Jorgensen and Jesper Sundnes made something original when they created Inspirobot. this artificial intelligence resembles HAL 9000, and combines stock photos with random “inspirational” quotes.

Makin’ Up A Mess Of Fun

bananasplitsgamevic sage posted this banana splits pic on facebook earlier this morning. he’s a regular contributor to the retroist blog. if there’s an old commercial for this 1969 kid’s game, i couldn’t find it. it reminded me of some other cool games that my folks got me over the years though:gamblermaxresdefaulthappy_days

The Girls Of A-POWER

girlsno, these aren’t the actual girls from A-POWER, but they have the same “best friends forever” spirit as two young british girls who believed they were destined to be recording artists in the 1990′s. on a recent mortified podcast they shared cassette recordings they made themselves. i loved listening to this, because it reminded me of stuff that i did as a kid. heeeeeere’s A-POWER:
-how the band started
-stay & stay away
-dream boy

Here A Family, There A Family…

bassmen…everywhere a family family! couldn’t resist posting this awkward family photo. jenny & i got to see andrew play upright bass at olathe northwest high school monday night. before everyone took his picture, i was holding his bass for him while he gathered his stand, case, and music– and then the next thing i know he was posing for his mom. i didn’t get out of the photo in time. gymthat’s andrew under the white arrow. there were 600 students playing in five separate orchestras at first. then they all joined at the end on Orpheus in the Underworld by Offenbach. couchthis is from our thanksgiving trip to curtis. that’s marijo, georgia, jenny, molly, thaddeus, and maku.nandomolly and fernando have a groovy kind of love. marijo is always trying to find the answer to something on her smartphone.

My Favorite Life Detective

jonathaneveryone that i know has one memory they will never forget. if you could revisit a moment that defines you now… would you do it? heavyweight is a podcast hosted by  jonathan goldstein that explores those moments. so far there are 21 stories that range from Sven who regrets his jury vote that sentenced another man to death, to an abandoned suitcase full of letters that reveal a love story between two people that didn’t stay together. i know those two examples sound like major bummers, but it’s a really good show.

The Not So Great Escape

great-escape-560“when the sun came up, and the snow finally melted, i was glad to see their lifeless forms exposed in the daylight”— this is the ending to a story that began monday morning. i was scraping snow and ice off of jenny’s car when my keys fell out of my pocket. i didn’t realize it until 15 minutes later & by then i only knew they were somewhere in the driveway. i didn’t have time to do a search and rescue, so i just grabbed a spare truck key and left the back door to the house unlocked. later in the day i imagined that my keys reacted to the confines of my pocket the same way an inmate reacts to reality of imprisonment: there’s a desperate desire to escape and be free. HENRYin my mind, the keys hatched a flimsy plan that depended on chance and gravity. they took the chance that there would be a distraction (snow), and they were hoping that the pocket that usually detained them would finally come unraveled so they could fall to the ground (it did). while the keys were missing, there were sirens, horns, and dogs in action, but i knew there was really no point looking until the snow melted.

November Is Prehistoric Party Time!

dinovemberno bathroom is safe when there are plastic dinosaurs in the house. hey folks, it’s dinovember! it’s that time of year when refe and susan tuma deliberately trash their home for one month & blame it on dinosaurs! they have been doing this since 2012 for their children, and i personally think it’s awesome. last week their 10-year-old pitted battlesaurs against battlebots and posted these pics on the dinovember facebook page:battlesaursbattlebotsmore info in refe, susan, and dinovember can be found on their website.

Me & C-Zeekio

3there are no x-wing fighters, lightsabers or heavy breathing dark masters of the jedi in curtis, nebraska (sigh) BUT yesterday, zeke & i found something that resembled R2D2. it was a well pump geocache that marked a historical site: the first irrigation well drilled in frontier county. back in 1946 they couldn’t go deeper than 80 feet due to the sandstone. the current well goes 180 feet. i took a little plastic pterodactyl, left a banjo string, and signed the log.

‘Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving

curtis-ne-2007-dan-kalalthe ghost train ran through curtis last night– or the railroad crossing lights could have been malfunctioning. either way, i was out walking with my brother-in-law steve in my wife’s hometown last night when we heard the familiar sounds that go off at a train intersection. when we got closer to the tracks, we saw the red crossing lights flashing in time with the warning bells. “there hasn’t been a train come through town in years,” steve said. so we walked up to the sheriff’s office to make sure they knew what was going on. as we walked in steve said, “you might already know about this but–” and the officer on duty said, “the train lights? yeah we know.” as we stood there laughing & making small talk the officer’s phone started ringing (quacking, actually), and it was somebody else calling about the railroad lights. later i asked steve if this incident would be reported in the local newspaper. he nodded & said “yeah probably!”

It’s The Simple Things

chloeandpaintingthis cool painting by joe dimino was under the register when chloé & i worked our morning shift at homer’s today. people leave stuff at the shop sometimes. we didn’t think anything about it until we read the note on the back:chloenoteonbackchloé looked up his website & said “hey! this guy is for real! i’m taking this home with me!” how awesome is that???