There Is Nowhere We Won’t Go

rexwe had an awesome visit with our niece last week, and we really didn’t want it to end. eventually, however, we had to face it the same way sara stared down this t-rex at union station. i’ll post more photos, and share more stories in the next few days.

“Every Animal Needs Love…”

with rocky…that’s what sara told me when my cousin’s cat was rubbing his face all over her legs yesterday. warren asked me to feed his geckos, check on the cat, and bring the mail inside while he’s away. sara asked me “what’s the cat’s name?” i told her “that’s rocky.” he was purring. sara said “he’s so soft!” they hit it off right way and pledged their love for each other. i swear they almost exchanged phone numbers before i intervened.

Days Of Pirates, Custards, and Castles

coupla pirateswe’re really making the most of our week with sara. since saturday afternoon we’ve seen old shawnee days, tasted foo’s fabulous frozen custard, jammed on guitar and ukulele, explored a pirate cave, stormed a castle, and ransacked an army surplus store. before the week is over we’re gonna hop a streetcar, and ride it to an arcade.

Happy Birthday Dad

dadonguitarmy dad taught me how to play my first chords on the piano and the guitar. he showed me how to shift gears in a truck with a 3 speed on the tree. i could always count on dad to wake me up to watch the treasure of the sierra madre with him every time it was on tv. sometimes it wouldn’t air until 3am. happy birthday dad, i love you.

Tulsa Paradise

parrotheadsthe tide came in all the way to oklahoma this week when jimmy buffet played the BOK center in tulsa monday night. my sister and her family soaked up big screen tropical sights, danced to the beat of kettle drums, and partied with thousands of parrot heads on a portable beach.

Local Animal Kingdom

jeri's turkeya guy walks into homer’s with a plastic turkey… actually it was my friend, jeri. i have no idea where he got the bird, but he was more than happy to be in a photo with it. later that same day i met an artist who introduced himself as scribe. he was painting a huge fish on the side of the post office.wall_fish

Pretzel Fiber Goal

pretzelmandid you know that if you eat enough pretzels, you can be a “regular” guy? or gal? after entering the calorie content of the pretzels i ate last night, my fitness app informed me that i reached my daily fiber goal! i didn’t even know i had one. from time to time it will say similar things about my iron goal, my potassium goal, and other goals that i’m accidentally achieving.

The Memory Makers

tombstonewe drove 8 hours to curtis, nebraska to be in jenny’s hometown on memorial day. i didn’t know if it was going to be a somber occasion or something else. when two of the sisters starting shoving each other around behind their parents’ headstone, it turned into something better. there were a lot of other photos taken, but this is one is my favorite.

This Must Be The Place

bookmarxsaw this bookstore in springfield during my arcade weekend a few weeks ago. it was right after i grabbed a bite at the chicago cheese steak co., and right before i went back in time to 1984.

Rain Booth

john-cusack-rainboothit’s been raining off and on for a couple of weeks now, or maybe the days just feel like weeks. i feel like john cusack in a rain booth. i guess it’s time to climb into my canoe, paddle to the coffeehouse, and get the shop ready for all the other ducks who need caffeine today.