Monthly Archives: February 2013

Two Feet of Snow

well, another foot of snow fell between last night and this morning. the first foot of snow fell last thursday. it had been so long since anyone had seen that much snow around here, folks were acting awkward and making that first foot feel like the new kid in town… but not in a cool eagles kinda way, they were making that first foot feel unwelcome, seriously! no one was gonna hang out or eat lunch with that first foot around! it was getting teased so bad that this other foot of snow came along to intimidate the neighborhood bullies.

Mojo and Jenny

most of the time mojo (our cat) is a black blob in pics, but this morning the sun was hitting him just right as he watched a neighbor across the street. when jenny got next to him to see what he was looking at, i went for the camera.

One of Us

this song is over 8 years old now, and i just saw the video this morning. i feel a connection with this band.

Indoor Mondo Beep Replay

i finally got around to editing a video that was recorded two weeks ago when laura, angie, and i plugged in alot of electronic stuff and made a racket in the living room. this is what i do every first friday for mondo beep.

Me and Glenn

glenn winkler came over last night to practice some songs that we are going to play for an ash wednesday service at homer’s tonight. we’ve only played one other time at a friend’s wedding reception. the pic above is from 4 years ago when glenn appeared on abracadiner. here’s a little post practice jam with glenn on electric guitar and me on the monotribe.

The Wienermobile

here is what happened: the oscar mayer wienermobile was parked in front the post office this morning. it came from wisconsin. i pulled laura out of homer’s so we could take these pics of each other. afterwards the driver gave us each a wiener whistle.

Wailin’ Wall: 1 of 6

i play in a group called wailin’ wall. tonight we’ll be at homer’s coffeehouse playing the first of 6 dates scheduled for 2013. see you at 7:30! and for the record, the band in the pic above is NOT wailin’ wall… i don’t know who they are, but they look like they have as much fun as we do.

Switches, Knobs, and Clips… YES!

mike mcneil mailed me a care package recently. when i was in college, a care package usually contained stuff from home like your favorite food and maybe clean underwear. mike’s care package was full of toggle switches, knobs, alligator clips, LED’s, and other electrical stuff. i am usually in short supply of these things when i take on a circuit bending project. so thanks mike. your awesomeness exceeds you.

Triple Play at Home and Abroad

last friday was the first friday of february, and it was cold… too cold to sit on the sidewalk of 18th street in the crossroads and do the mondo beep thing… so we recorded it at my house. the pic above is a still shot from the session with angie, me, and laura. the audio and video that i recorded is still in the editing stage (the 30 minutes of raw footage might cause brain damage to the casual listener), but  laura posted a short video on facebook. after that we went to a kelly’s dance party (one block away), and then to screenland to play galaga.

Klondike Temps = Studio Time

as a result of the bitter cold temps, tonight’s mondo beep session will not be at the usual spot: 18th street on the sidewalk between baltimore and wyandotte. instead it will be video taped in the makeshift studio that is my house. last night i discussed it with laura, my longtime collaborator, and she didn’t want to freeze outside any more than i did. we will still bring all the gadgets together to create the weird beepy goodness that is mondo beep, and then we’ll record it for continuity,  posterity, and the ages.