Monthly Archives: January 2014

Good Ol’ Freda

gofjust when i thought i had seen every beatle documentary out there, this one popped up on netflix. it’s about freda kelly and her memories of beatlemania. she was the beatles’ fan club secretary from 1963-1972.  i’ve been watching this beatles doc little by little since last night. i love hearing stories that are old and new.

Sunday Jazz @ YJ’s

jazz_at_YJsYJ’s is a self proclaimed third world snack bar. it’s one of my favorite places in KC. last night jenny & i went there to enjoy coffee and snacks. the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and a stack of pennies fell off the door frame while we stayed warm inside listening to an awesome jazz combo.

Big Star

big stari recently discovered the band, big star, while listening to a minnesota public radio station online. the DJ was playing songs by this band that only released 3 albums between 1972-74. big star never achieved commercial success, but their music was a strong influence on groups like R.E.M. and the replacements. there’s also a good documentary about the band on netflix.

Maps and Calendars

goonies mapthe other morning jenny asked me when my next CPR class was scheduled, and i said ” hang on, i need to look at the map.” obviously i was referring to a calendar. it’s an easy to mistake one for the other if you really think about it: they are both made of paper, they both fold, they both have destinations. as i get older my brain is compacting alot of these things that resemble each other. it started with weddings and funerals. maps and calendars are just the newest addition to a growing list.

Glenn and Me

i like to write song parodies. some people think parodies are lame. i think they can be awesome. glenn & i wrote and recorded this one last summer. here’s a link to the video if you are unable to watch the one above (mom).

The Retroist Goes Ape

planet-of-the-apes-podcastthey finally really did it! those maniacs at the retroist recorded a podcast about planet of the apes circa 1968!

Another 80s Fix

atari 8 bitfirst i started listening to stuck in the 80s, then there was casey kasem replays every saturday night on the cape, then the retroist, and just this morning i discovered ANTIC the atari 8-bit podcast. i shouldn’t be surprised that nerds like me keep coming out of the faux woodwork.

1981: Casey’s Top 100

casey kasemit is 27 degrees outside. the temperature outside will be in the single digits before i wake up tomorrow. right now jenny & i are listening to the top 100 hits from 1981 ala casey kasem’s american top 40 countdown. ironically he just got done playing 27 and 26. he’ll get to number one by 8:00 tonight, i hope the temp doesn’t fall as fast. if you wanna catch the countdown again, it gets played tomorrow (sunday) afternoon on this station out of philadelphia.

Mondo Beep 3

coffee behind boomboxesthey said it couldn’t be done, they said there ought to be a law against it, they said the earth would spin off its axis if we kept doing it… but tonight kicks off our third year of mondo beep, and so far no casualties have been reported. if you wanna come see what it’s all about we’ll be at homer’s at red bridge and holmes tonight @ 7pm.