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Sip, Drag, Exhale

frankenstein_coffee_cigaretteTerrorizing small villages can be very stressful.  It’s especially exhausting when you’re shocked in consciousness by a bolt of lightning and trying to outrun an angry mob carrying torches– and they KNOW you are deathly afraid of fire!  If anyone needed a smoke break and a spot of tea it was Boris Karloff in 1930 when he played Frankenstein’s monster.

Goodnight Irene

molly_and_meMolly is our oldest niece.  I can remember when she sat on my lap as a toddler and asked me to read her the Sunday comics.  Now she brings her guitar and asks me to sing and play songs with her.  I will always say yes.  Last weekend she came down for Sydney’s wedding and we sang Goodnight Irene and other songs by the chimenea.