Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Best Bends Yet

in the never ending quest to circuit bend old toys, i bought a 1980′s speak & math friday online, and three days later the postman delivered it. i had the foresight to record a “before” video that will accompany an “after” video that will showcase modifications (fingers crossed) in the form of control switches, knobs, and buttons. in the meantime, here are some of the altered sounds i coaxed out of this thing before jenny came home:
message from space
electrocuted sheep

The Electric Jasmine Wildcat

danny williams came to the house last tuesday to record songs, and ideas for songs. one of the first things that evolved was a wildlife nature documentary that ranks somewhere between marlin perkins and doctor who.

Another Long Stretch

maybe it was thanksgiving, or maybe it was lethargy… i just know it’s been a long time between blog posts. sorry. tonight my church band, wailin’ wall, is playing at homer’s. we practiced some of the material last night. the harmonies on helplessly hoping, and some of the other songs sounded really cool. oh and hey, danny williams, just in case you’re reading this, i WILL post the electric jasmine wildcat mp3 that we recorded tuesday.

The Artist in Action

when he’s not making latté art, he’s making art lattés. ladies and gentlemen… danny williams.

My In-Laws

i married jenny herman over 20 years ago, and i never looked back… even when old photos of her family surfaced on facebook. this pic has one of her brothers and his cousin melvin in it. classic ’70s, man.

Hangin’ Out With Dummies

i taught a CPR class for health care professionals at the hilton this morning. one of the students was scheduled for a skills test at 11:30, but he never showed up. so i played tetris on my phone and took a picture of the training mannequins (aka dummies) while i waited.

’71 Jaguar

saw this car on shawnee mission parkway thursday. the only two things that would have made it cooler would have been seeing it hover, or hearing it speak.

No News is No News

recently i fell asleep to the padded out movie that is the andromeda strain and after waking up i realized michael crichton (the author) recycled THIS story and made a fortune on jurassic park. this happened after i accidentally hard-wired a glitch on my latest circuit bending project, the texas instruments touch and tell. i need better movies, soldering lessons, and probably a new soldering tip.

The Pinball Loop

i picked up some more control switches for current (and future) circuit bending projects, and a volume/reject button– but the coolest acquisitions were the two pinballs from thunderball (thanks ray!): i was able to generate a loop effect just by rolling them around on the touch and tell toy.

More From the Magellans

danny williams and i recorded a bunch of stuff tuesday morning. motivation and muse came from zelda, cybill shepherd, and heavy tremolo.
chill tremolo
naked cybil