Monthly Archives: August 2015

More From The Beach 2015

onthebeachwatching the sun actually set on lake michigan every night was one of the best parts of our getaway two weeks ago. we got in so much beach time that jenny’s face started drying out, even though she kept moisturizing it. one afternoon we drove into south haven and ate at venezia pizza. that’s where someone drew an italian chef on the wall.

Electric One Two

kraftwerk_luton97i am not the first to use speak and spell technology in a song. i heard kraftwerk doing this on an underground 80s station. when i did an image search for the band, i found the pic above. yeah that’s about right.

Max The Pretzel

pretzeljenny tells me that i don’t post enough pics of our cat, max. one of his favorite sleepy spots is on the recliner. even though he is a year and a half old, he still acts like a kitten. this is probably what he looked like in his prenatal stage.

One More Beep @ The Boulevard This Summer

bravekidit’s been a weird rainy and summer the past few months. beep goes the weasel only made a handful of appearances at the boulevard drive-in. this friday the 29th, we’ll beep one more time outside the snack bar before the first frost hits KC. the end of summer doesn’t mean the end of beeps however, more gigs are scheduled in september and october!

Michigan 2015

city beach stairs red flag rough surf wall beepentries on this blog have been non-existent for a couple of weeks now because we went on vacation. jenny and i haven’t been on an extended getaway for a few years, and we were overdue. more pics and video from our trip will be posted soon!

Beep Goes The Library

handsandcarrotslast saturday beep goes the weasel set up in front of the lackman library for an hour. there were all kinds of curious kids and grown ups that wanted to jam on veggies and the theremin! thanks to joseph keehn, bryan voell, and the listen local series for making this happen!dadandson