Monthly Archives: February 2023

Audio Flare Gun

MIDDLE DIAGONAL SHOTThe songs and sounds are still playing in my head.  You can take the DJ out of the radio station, but you can’t take radio station out of the DJ.  Soon I’ll be resurrecting my on-air self with the debut of AUDIO FLARE GUN, a show that features melodies, maladies, and abnormalities for anyone who can relate.  These sound waves are not an S.O.S., they are signals to all the other music geeks that we are not alone.  The first episode is coming soon here, on lines, and on — so don’t touch that dial!

Walk, Boom, Ice!

walk boom iceIn my mind I imagine Mark, Nina, Alan, Martha, and J.J. moonwalking, doing the funky chicken, and running around this frozen plaza with glee. The past has come back to haunt us because someone in Minnesota is talented and nostalgic.  My co-worker texted me this image from Minnesota where she found this ice sculpture that proves that the 80′s are still waaaay cool! Party on Ruby!