Monthly Archives: June 2017

Oh What A Beautiful Morning

beautifulmorningmom used to sing this song to wake me (and my sister) up. it was usually when we had to be somewhere like school or church. when she finally broke through our unconsciousness barriers, we felt like the morning was ANYTHING but beautiful, and we both would moan “aw, c’mon mom!” but god bless her, my mother kept singing, kept at it, kept chiselling away at our rocky resistance because she knew that something beautiful was underneath. something that could be coaxed out by a song. thanks mom.

Beeping @ VBS

vbs NOT vbsVBS is not an independent tv station, it stands for vacation bible school! and when i found out about the Maker Fun Factory VBS program last week, i volunteered beep goes the weasel to be a part of it. in five nights i played (and let the kids play) on celery sticks, carrot sticks, bell peppers, silverware, electric paint, and aluminum foil.

This Fall In The Makerspace

maker_mei met with the makerspace guys & signed a contract this week that says i will be the maker-in-residence at the library starting in september! one of them had a camera to take photos and said “i’m really not a photographer,” and i said “that’s ok, i’m really not a subject!” i’ll have access to a laser cutter, a 3-D printer, and a bunch of other tools and equipment i know practically NOTHING about!

Dead Mall Music

deadmalli subscribe to a youtube channel called this is dan bell. one of dan’s playlists is the dead mall series. so far he has posted 39 videos of dead and dying malls in the US. his fascination with this bygone era surpasses my own. despite the sad decay, one of the cooler elements of his video collection are the songs played in the background, as if they are coming through the speakers IN the mall. it’s a music genre known as vaporwave, and these songs have just the kind of sound you would expect from a place trapped in the past: 1980′s-ish electronic synthesized mutant off pitch tunes that should be on a mixtape.

Where Did The Time Go?

silent_running_moc_001…that’s the question i asked myself when i was playing poker with robots one night. i looked at my watch and realized that 2 weeks had gone by. seriously, where did the time go? i guess i could list the actual events that have kept me from blogging, but i don’t want to put the serious ones next to the mundane. so in the meantime i’ll see your blue chip and raise you three white ones.

The Cabin Inside And Out

cabin2we cabin-camped at lake wedington again this year– even got the same cabin! here’s a little video to see what the inside looks like.