Monthly Archives: May 2020

This Much Rain

rainypoohThe rain has been steadily falling all night and into the morning. I know at some point the chorus from my Winnie Pooh record is going to start singing “the rain rain rain came down down down…” Who am I kidding? They’ve already started singing it in my head. Time to save the honey!

Frozen In Time

frozenintimeFrozen in Time was the name of a geocache that we looked for yesterday. Jenny, me, Warren, and Andrew drove to DeSoto looking for this abandoned house that has a large geocache nearby. Warren parked his jeep by a railroad crossing and we walked on the tracks until we were 100 feet away from the house. There was a creek to cross and a lot of undergrowth to bushwhack through (the picture above was taken in February by another geocacher), so we agreed to come back another time and picked up 20 rail spikes on our way back to the jeep. It felt like we were in the movie Stand By Me.frozenintime2

Gimme Shelter While I Shelter In Place

meandglennGlenn Shipps wrote a beautiful song called Shelter In Place, and invited all of his musician friends to add something to it. I’m fortunate to be inside of this circle and sent him a harmonica track. Here’s a little bit of what that sounds like. This photo was taken a few years ago at a club house where Glenn & I jammed with Matt Hawkins, Dan Vogler, and his daughter Griffin.

Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids

My new favorite band is this guy and his three children. I can’t remember how I found Colt Clark and the Quarantine Kids, but the first time I watched them sing and play in their living room I couldn’t stop smiling. They have around 40 videos on their channel right now. The one I’ve posted here is Sweet Caroline originally by Neil Diamond. Another good one to watch is Hooked On a Feeling. I love seeing the kids go “oogah cha cha oogah oogah oogah cha cha…”

Chad Rocks The Epilogue Cabin

reverbnationCHADBack in high school Chad Emmert sat a few rows behind me in a class that bored us both. That’s about all we had in common, but I never really talked to him until we set up a sound system 35 years later for our class reunion. Chad is today’s guest on THE EPILOGUE CABIN.

Phone Call From Hoovie

anthonymichaelhallanswersphoneincarWhen Hoovie called a couple of nights ago I didn’t know it was him. Sometimes my phone ID’s him as “Private Number,” and I don’t pick up. When that same technology displays a voicemail icon, I know my smartphone is trying to win me back, and atone for its error. Here’s Hoovie’s message.


thegraduateinagasmaskShe came, she saw– she put her gas mask on! This is how my niece, Sara, graduated from high school last week. The school officials decided that it should be a “drive by” ceremony. Jenny & I couldn’t attend so our family took lots of pictures to mark the occasion. Not every high school graduate can claim that their class is historic, but Sara can! Congratulations kiddo!

Good Tuesday Morning

Chris-in-the-MorningGood morning. If there was a camera in the walls it wouldn’t capture this exact image– but it would be something similar… me reading something, a cup of reheated coffee, and a microphone nearby. The vinyl record collection is actually in the other room with my Atari games. *Yawn* Ok. time to go to work.

Some Good News

somegoodnewsWhere’s all the good news these days? It’s being channeled through a guy who used to be on The Office. John Krasinski hosts Some Good News, a YouTube series out of his house, and it’s full of… what else? Some good news! He has video clips of people helping each other out right now during our current health crisis. He zooms with fans and celebrities and brings us all together. If you need proof that there are some good people in this world, watch an episode of SGN.

Chad Emmert’s Cabin Preview

rockinCHADI interviewed Chad Emmert back in March for THE EPILOGUE CABIN– and then I accidentally deleted the audio file. Chad is a recording artist and he used to sit behind me in social studies. He was a good sport about my technical goof and agreed to a second interview. On an upcoming episode Chad talks about making music, high school fights, and why he’ll live to be 100.