The John Cusack Connection

20191101 230354 CUSACK John-2.CR2I shook hands with one of my favorite actors last Friday night. 30 years ago John Cusack played Lloyd Dobler in the movie, Say Anything. He was the guy who didn’t want to buy anything, sell anything, or process anything for a career, he just wanted to date Diane Court (Ione Skye), and be a kickboxer. Cusack came to Kansas City for a 30th anniversary screening of Say Anything. During the Q & A session that followed the movie we found out that he actually learned how to kickbox for his role, and he’s still kickboxing today.20191101 230354 CUSACK John.CR2It was fun to watch the movie with other fans who cheered, laughed, and clapped at all the right parts. When it was time for the audience to ask questions, I got behind one of the microphones and asked how his character might evolve in a sequel… has Lloyd Dobler changed or stayed the same since 1989? I felt super conspicuous. I had taken off my blazer & I was dressed like Lloyd in one of the scenes from the movie:shirtandtieUSCusack didn’t seem to notice the similarity, and he really didn’t have an answer to my question except for saying “I don’t know… I don’t do sequels. They would probably get somebody else to play that part.”

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  1. Looks like you’re having a great time, and you are so good looking and Jenny is cute as a button. Were you disappointed in his answer?

    • Yeah I was a little disappointed but I understood that his head is in a different place now. He was friendly about it, and it was still a fun experience. I’m glad we went.

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