Monthly Archives: June 2015

Double Down This Saturday

A_MakeyMakey650this saturday, june 27 will be full of beats, beeps, and sweet sweet music. early in the morning i’ll be at the river market with motel mancini from 7-noon, then it will be time for pain meds and lunch, and finally at dusk we’ll wire up produce from the culinary center and play at the boulevard drive in for beep goes the weasel! the first movie is inside out starting @ 9:20, followed by jurassic world @ 10:55.

Motel Mancini On Mingle

bigger ussomeone on mingle posted this pic of motel mancini. pictured from right to left it’s me, chris, and dan fitzgerald, the nomad banjo player. i’m not really sure what mingle actually is besides an online place to post photos. motel mancini is what chris and i are calling ourselves these days. it’s cool when someone like dan checks in.

I Am The Lone Wolf

lonewolfjenny is out of town for a few days, so i am the lone wolf. ok, wait a minute, that isn’t right: i have my trusty cat, max by my side, but even he runs for cover when i start showing my fangs. the lone wolf feeling started to seep in after the dust settled. here’s what happened when the fur was flying:
friday i made noise on the sidewalk for local life, and handed out fliers for beep goes the weasel. saturday i joined chris mull at the river market where we played guitars in the shade and made a few bucks. we also made a new friend (dan) who plays a killer banjo! we are calling ourselves motel mancini and hoping for the best. this morning i took an aspirin for muscle pain, went to church, and played songs by tom waits, dawes, and talking heads.

Two Week Slacker

tuckerandcati am ashamed to say that i have not made a blog post in two weeks. however there is no shame in saying i haven’t seen tucker love in 3 or 4 weeks. tucker came by homer’s a couple of days ago and let me take a pic of him wearing his cat covered tank top.