Monthly Archives: March 2012

Jamie on the Bongos

jamie is one of my friends at homer’s, and he always has his bongos with him. yesterday he was freestyling between homer’s and mi ranchito. he has played like this before, but this was the first time i was able to record it.

Robot Voice

i was watching old doctor who episodes, and wondered if i could find something online to make my voice more robotic… i did.

Salon Kitch

kitch cut my hair for the first time a couple of days ago. he’s been styling my wife’s hair for years. the wood sculptures (pic above) are also his creations.

Overcast Explorers

yesterday jenny & i did some geocaching, and found 3 spots in lenexa we didn’t know about before: a park inside an industrial park, hidden woods park, and a super cool dam (above) at black hoof park.

Fire at the Frierdich’s

josh and christy bought a fire pit for their backyard. jenny & i stopped by to see it tuesday night. there’s something very primal and satisfying about a fire that warms and cooks.

The Bliptronic 5000

it blips! it loops! it leaps tall buildings in a single bound! ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the bliptronic 5000! coming soon to a street corner near you.

Sound Hole Screamer

there are a few things that make it past the strings, and all the way into the sound hole of a guitar: batteries, wires, dirt, the occasional pick… but i haven’t seen anyone scream into a sound hole until last tuesday. ladies and gentlemen, here’s danny williams doing just that.

The Phoenix Foundation

i’m reading a book from the library about the mtv revolution. the music videos of today are nothing like they were in the early 1980′s… but i like this one.

First Fridays 2

i made my second appearance at the crossroads art district first fridays event, and met ALOT of kindred spirits (gil, paul, sherwood, zak, to name a few) who were cool enough to show an interest in the circuit bent speak & math, the monotron, and the beep-it (optical theremin) that i was using to make ancient future sounds. a HUGE thanks to e.f. hobbs for letting me power all this suff from their big orange truck!