Monthly Archives: January 2015

Mondo Beep Returns to IUAH!

MONDO BEEP at IUAH2every month the crossroads art district celebrates first fridays. old overland park has the same kind of fun on third fridays. mondo beep is usually on the corner of 18th street and baltimore during warmer months, but in february we’ll beep indoors at IUAH! the last time we played there it was cold and rainy, and ironically we were outside.

I’ll Have The Usual

breakfasta french lawyer born in the 18th century once said “tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are,” and then somebody else re-quoted him and said, “you are what you eat.” according to that logic i am a fried potato, turkey kielbasa, sauerkraut, egg man.

A Man Called Horse

man called horsei bought this latex horse head in des moines last week. it was partly inspired by a movie i watched recently on netflix. i’m pretty sure i’ll get reactions from every pedestrian that sees me wearing this while playing carrots on first fridays.

Year Two Of The Weasel

KCUR dave setuphey guess what? we just received confirmation this afternoon that beep goes the weasel is coming back to the boulevard drive in for another summer of making music and noise with vegetables! when 2015 warms up we’ll play more dates, plug in some new gear, see what an eggplant sounds like, and basically have a great time!

Hello Max

max and jennywe have a new cat. his name is max. he doesn’t come when we call, he shows no recognition when we say his name, but he WILL snuggle sometimes.

Pinball Wizards

combowednesday i played pinball with glenn winkler. his parents have an indiana jones pinball machine in their basement. they keep a record of everyone’s high score on a white board. right now glenn has the all time high score: 70 million, but his dad is vowing to beat it. i managed to get 24 million before i tilted it.

New Year = Old Calendar

81_Snoopy_calendarhey let’s celebrate the new year by getting an old calendar! who’s with me? thanks to the retroist and you can find out what previous years match days and dates exactly with 2015! 1970, 1981, and 1987 are three of the calendar years, just in case you were wondering.