Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happy Fangs Love Halloween

happy fangsi found this video last year. happy halloween.

The Fat Albert Halloween Special

chicken heartlast night jenny & i were listening to the retroist podcast. the host was talking about the fat albert halloween special from 1977. i don’t remember watching this when it was on TV. when the host mentioned a scene with a chicken heart poster, i had to find it online. here it is on dailymotion.

The Coolest Cat

mojos walk

Beach Boom

beach boomlast tuesday i was working with angie @ homer’s. she got a far away look and said “i really wanna cassette player.” i thought she was looking at a car on 80th street, and i misheard her say “i really wanna kiss that tire.” once we got things cleared up, i knew what i had to do. thursday i found a panasonic RXCW50 boombox for $7 at a thrift store. i sent her a text that said “if you still wanna kiss that tire, i found one.” then i bought it, drove out to lake olathe, and took this pic at the abandoned beach house.

Blog Number 3

first posti was really excited to see this last night: in addition to writing on my own blog, and the homer’s blog, i am now blogging for IUAH. they asked me a long time ago to write about my rocket grants experience. nick and nicole at IUAH played a big part in the success of my project, so now i’m returning the favor. oh, and if you’re wondering where that classy headshot came from, it was taken at drew ryan’s wedding. i was an usher.

The Mega Stomp Battle

this little doo hickey i bought from thinkgeek can make anyone sound like a robot, godzilla, bruce lee, or super mario. you can also click here if the video above won’t play.

Blank On Blank

johnny-cash-animatedyesterday i found another series to obsess on. blank on blank is a collection of lost interviews with celebrities, most of whom are deceased. the audio is combined with cool animation that breathes life into the voices of johnny cash, gene wilder, bette davis, and maurice sendak. thanks to this series we get to find out why jim morrison thought fat is beautiful, what grace kelly said about JFK, and why jimi hendrix wanted to be compared to helium.

Blogging For IUAH

How I Did Itnick carswell is the assistant director at interurban art house (IUAH). nick and his gang inspired the ideas that helped me get the rocket grants award for beep goes the weasel. so when he asked me to blog about that experience and share how i did it, i said “ok.” he emailed me around midnight this morning and told me that my first entry should go up next week, or the week after that.