Monthly Archives: April 2013

Hang On

yet another postcards from home show is in the works. if we all hang on, it will be here before you can say oscar for best supporting actor 1968.

Wailin’ Wall Trio

me and norai’m playing at homer’s tomorrow night with wailin’ wall. it will be a stripped down version of the group with only dan, griffin, and me this time. when we practiced last night i sat next to griffin’s daughter, nora, who was also playing a harmonica. this isn’t the first time i’ve played music next to a little kid.

Greenfield, IA

greenfieldthe third installment of postcards from home is finished! yay! click here to listen. on this show we reveal who received the postcard from the last show, talk about postcards that we have received in the last few days, and finally we get around to talking about a postcard from greenfield, ia. (pictured above) if you would like to join the growing list of postcard recipients or if you want to send us a postcard that we’ll read in the future, email us at:

Postcards #3 Preview

mailbox rowjenny & i recorded more material for two more postcards from home shows! calling it a show seems kind of funny, but it’s basically an audio series where we talk about a postcard and then mail it to somebody. more of our friends and relatives are listening to the series, so get on the list before we run out of postcards! here’s a preview of show #3.

The Buckle Opener

there you gofound this item at an antique store in greenfield, ia. apparently it’s a dual purpose belt buckle that can also open bottles. i paid $3.50 for it.

Bounce Snap and Click

the video above recounts some of the shenanigans we witnessed this last weekend. i also bought a belt buckle that doubles as a bottle opener, and received a $100 laptop that i will use to play carrots, pizza, license plates, and people.

The Talking Whiz Kid Plus

this is the latest circuit bend-able item i picked up at the thrift store. cost? $2. someone posted a picture of the circuit board online so that helped to figure out where to solder. the sounds in the video are currently triggered by one toggle switch. i’ll attach more of them later.

First Fridays With The Makey Makey

i’ve dragged alot of weird instruments out to the street for mondo beep: beep it, monotron, TI speak and math, casio VL-1, etc. more than a few pedestrians have stopped and played with me in the last 15 months, but i’ve never had as many people interested as i did two nights ago when i was playing circuit bent sounds through 6 carrots and a slice of pizza. i borrowed a friend’s laptop, hooked it up to the makey makey, and alligator clipped it to the food. success.

Easter Weekend

wax on egggot to spend easter weekend with my family in southwest missouri. we colored easter eggs, watched some serious easter egg hunting, took ALOT of pictures and played shang hai (a card game) at my mother’s house. it was pretty awesome.