Monthly Archives: June 2013

Coffee in a Cabin

jenny & i are camped out at a state park in clear lake, ia. we found a cool little coffee place that was just a few minutes away from our tent where we could eat bagels and drink fresh roasted coffee.

Donkey Puft

donkey puft
i paid money to see ghostbusters at least 5 times in theaters. i spent an obscene amount of quarters playing donkey kong in the 80s. what’s another eleven bucks for this t-shirt? temptation, thy name is tee fury.

I Got My MTV

human-leaguebought a roku a couple of days ago. one of the channels i can stream to my tv now is VEVO! VEVO is home to 75,000+ music videos, many of which were made in the 1980′s. i found a way to take back my old MTV.

My Latest Alt Country Fave

Carrot Magic

steve b on FBif you stopped to play carrots with me on 18th street tonight, this tweet makes perfect sense. it was awesome weather for first fridays and mondo beep. i hooked the carrots up to the laptop and invited pedestrians to play… and we played those carrots ’til the battery died. thanks everybody!

Hit and Miss… and Hit!

fire jugglersi had to miss last first fridays to attend graduation activities in may, but hey it’s june! tonight mondo beep returns to the usual spot on 18th street (between the hip hop crowd and the fire jugglers) with a monotribe, a casio, and vegetables hooked up to a laptop! and if you’re one of the pedestrians that picked up a flier with on it, thanks for checking out my blog!


zaireekain a couple of days i’m going to listening party for a 4 disc set that the flaming lips released in 1997. zaireeka was originally on four CDs (that have to be played simultaneously), but on national record store day the band released it on vinyl. the nearest record store that is hosting this event is a 5 minute walk from my house.