Monthly Archives: September 2014

In The Parade!

wailin wall in OP paradewailin’ wall was in the overland park fall festival parade this morning! we were placed between santa claus and the boy scouts. santa blew smoke out the back of his sleigh, wailin’ wall sang and played, and the boy scouts marched and carried flags. i waved at alot of friends (bob, kathy, josh, christy, ben, mike, melanie, thomas). thanks to ben hodge for capturing this moment!

Tiny Desk Concerts

tinydeskweirdal3NPR’s tiny desk concerts have been around for awhile, but i just started watching them a couple of weeks ago. thanks to this series i’ve discovered some artists like father figures, saintseneca, and moon hooch. later i went back to the early episodes and found a tribute to charles nelson reilly by weird al. it makes me want to write a song about sandy duncan or bert convy.

Mount Nebo Getaway

2in1jenny & i camped out on top of mt. nebo (central arkansas) last week. it rained most of the time, but we were still able to hike around the rim of the mountain, and get these pics from sunrise point. on a more urban note, beep goes the weasel will not be at grunauer this month. the september 28 date was double booked with another event.

Hoovie’s Doppelganger

hoovie and benderi started watching a netflix documentary on voice actors yesterday. i had no idea one of my closest friends has a twin. john dimaggio, the guy who does the voice of bender on futurama, could almost pass for my friend hoovie.

Satellite Of Love

angie satellitebeep goes the weasel is getting ready for a gig @ grunauer sept. 28 one song at a time. this morning angie and i recorded a cover version of satellite of love. other songs on our setlist include the man who sold the world and tainted love. eventually we’ll record something with our third member, matt hawkins, for the full effect!

The Future Debut

robot credited reggiebeep goes the weasel is happening @ grunauer september 28 at 8:45pm. one of the new songs we have lined up is an original called the futurethis recording features angie wolford on keyboard. the music for the evening will be performance and interaction based (in other words, we will still invite audience members to play vegetables with us!). big thanks to reginald herman for the illustration featured above.