Monthly Archives: September 2022

Don’t Mess With Ava

avaThis kid will punch you in the face, steal your hoppity hop, and then drink chocolate milk with her preschool pals!  And if you try to make a joke about her hair, you might wake up with peanut butter on your pillow case!  I’m talking about Dan and Jessica’s little girl, Ava.  She’s actually a shy and quiet little kid until you get on her bad side, like the person who took this photo.

What Will Be Will Be

me and max on the reclinerHe barely eats, he throws up a little, and then he acts like everything is fine.  The only thing that literally shakes him up is when he goes to the vet because he doesn’t know if I’m going to leave him there or not.  I’m talking about our cat, Max.  He had a couple of teeth pulled in August and he hasn’t really been eating right since.  We’ve tried a few things and a couple of visits to the vet… now I think it’s in God’s hands… and Max’s paws.  I pray that I can accept what will happen in the event of his demise, and keep giving this stubborn little cat my love and care.  The pic above is his usual spot between my right leg and the arm of the recliner.