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Gypsy Wagon (Unfinished)

gypsywagonhere’s another melancholy song from the vault that i started 8 or more years ago. it was when i first recorded right on to the computer’s hard drive. it ends kind of abruptly because, well… i never finished it! i call it gypsy wagon.
i sat by my window
til the breeze
hit my face
and i
never wanna leave
i never wanna leave
i never wanna leave
my window…
the wind comes down my street
like a gypsy wagon
everybody’s wind chimes singin’ along
like they’re hangin’ on a gypsy wagon–

any input on how to finish this song is welcome.

Your Number Used To Be A Name

matchbookcombofound an old matchbook cover with a phone number on the spine that young folks today might find confusing because it only has 5 numbers on it. phone numbers with names at the beginning were gone by the time i learned how to make calls. i still knew about the old system because of black and white movies like call northside 777 and songs like beechwood 4-5789. it feels like i’ve already made a post about this topic. i’m sensing some deja vu, but what else is new? just did a search on the site & didn’t find anything. oh well.

Here’s Lookin’ At You Chloé

ink eyei was working with chloé at homer’s monday when i noticed she had drawn something smaller than my pinky nail– it was an eye. i must have looked like mr. magoo when i held it an inch away from my camera to get the detail. i asked her if i could post it on instagram. she said “yeah” & a minute later, her cousin jonelle saw the eye & wrote “Please replicate this in latté art” –and chloé did it!latte eye

Where Sam & Robert Know Our Names

cheersjenny & i got married 30 years ago today. last night we went to the hotel where we stayed our first night as a married couple. a lot of things have changed downtown since then. the italian gardens restaurant is gone, and the sheraton is now the aladdin hotel. we went upstairs to a little bar & met robert and sam. robert was our bartender, and sam was just a friendly guy on our side of the bar. that downtown hotel is still a cool place to check in.

Hold On Loosely

big brutusi bought my big brutus travel mug so long ago they don’t even sell it any more at the little gift shop in west mineral. sometimes it goes missing, and i wonder if it has a mind of its own & it’s trying to get back home. i can’t count all the times i’ve forgotten where i put it. i should have lost this thing years ago. one day i left it at the coffeehouse, and a customer brought it up to the register and said “look at this cool travel mug i found!” you could see the disappointment in his face when i said “i knew it had to be around here somewhere, sorry bud, that’s mine.”

Wish We Were Here

found an old postcard image & messed around with it until it looked like this:revampedREALISTIC
this is what the top part looked like before editing:original croppedwhen i tell people that i do this type of editing on microsoft paint, they either roll their eyes or act impressed. i know there is such a thing called photoshop, but there’s also such a thing called doing more with less.

5 Years Ago Today…

5 years ago…i made a post about a t-shirt that looked like donkey kong and felt like ghostbusters– but did i buy it? sadly, no. my stomach has been stretching out a lot of t-shirts lately, and i didn’t want to add that one to the list. maybe after i get my cholesterol down & drop a few pounds i’ll get donkey puft.

A Little Under The Weather

where-the-buffalo-roammy throat started feeling a little sore yesterday. waking up at 4:20 this morning was a MAJOR accomplishment. fortunately there was a constant onslaught of customers to deal with. one of them chatted with my co-worker as i stood at the register. after awhile he said “oh i’m sorry, you’ve been waiting patiently for me to order haven’t you?” i responded, “i’m just waiting for the sweet release of death.” if we had any weather to be under that’s where i would be.

When The Jam Gets Weird…

adalentekids…the weird start singing in a fake chevy chase voice. that’s what i did anyway during a E minor to C jam with gabby, cesar, luna, and tenoch on mango and play-doh. earlier the kids explored music & sounds on the theremin & tiny casio. is it strange that i showed them how to play star wars & they showed me how to play beethoven’s ode to joy?

What The What?

shockedmonday i posted a picture of bill murray on my blog & facebook page. it was a screen shot of him from “the razor’s edge.” i casually asked if anyone could name the movie because i only expected my film nerd friends to know the answer. i was shocked and giddy when i saw steve spears‘ comment:FB spears commentspears has hosted my favorite podcast, stuck in the 80′s, for the last 12 years. during most of that time i’ve listened to him share stories & talk to huey lewis, cyndi lauper, molly ringwald, and 3 of the original MTV veejays. swapping comments with him on facebook was super mega awesome, and if that makes me sound like a fanboy… so be it. spearsy, if you’re reading this, don’t blush– just bask & keep on doing what you’re doing. SIDENOTE: i don’t want all of this attention i’m giving steve spears to diminish all of the social media interaction i’ve had w/co-host brad williams– brad is awesome & always answers my emails, comments, and messages… steve just seems so much more reclusive so i had to gush when he left a comment on my facebook page!