Monthly Archives: July 2012


jenny & i drove to wayne, ne to see molly, zeke, and zeke’s family. we had a great time visiting, singing, and hanging out. unfortunately we stopped for coffee in valley, ne on our way home, and got in an accident. we are fine, but our little red zx2 is toast. i’ll post videos and pics from friday and saturday, because the first part of the trip WAS really great… it just ended abruptly.

Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers

this is so cool. who needs a radio?

George Bailey for a Day

it was my 46th birthday yesterday, and i got over 70 “happy birthday’s” on my facebook wall. i felt like george bailey at the end of it’s a wonderful life.

More Vacation Pics

i was told recently that i didn’t put enough vacation pics up… really? unless there is a celebrity standing next to someone’s uncle joe, i’m usually not interested in other family photos. i have to be in the right mood. ok, ok… the pics are from the dance at reunion saturday night (left) the old style tavern on the square in marengo (middle) and a family grave tour going back over a century (right)

here we have a sunset on lake michigan (left) another shot from the dance (middle) and a partial alligator sand sculpture (right)

Mojo the Cat

mojo used to be quiet all the time. he used an economy of meows. recently he started meowing in the morning when i’m on the computer. sometimes his meows are almost human, like he wants some attention. so i give him some attention, and he ignores me. cats are a mystery.

The Hundred Degree Beep

the heat index meant nothing at first fridays last night. mondo beep had the most participants since its debut in january when it didn’t even have a name. thanks to laura for making my sign, to sandy and mark for bringing water, to trista and rebekah for crowd control. thanks to tim for the CD’s (can’t wait to hear them!), and to anna and both zachs for hanging out and making noise.

Heat Schmeat

tomorrow night i’m throwing caution to the wind (even if it’s a hot one), and i’m going to the crossroads art district for first fridays. i’ll be on 18th street just east of 18th and wyandotte (a few doors down from YJ’s) from 6 to 7:30… maybe 8 if i can stand it. i’ll have two new gizmos in my arsenal: a drum looping t-shirt and a circuit bent v-tech toy. if my canteen runs out of water, i’m depending on a few good pedestrians for a refill.

Scenes From Our Trip

came back home sunday after going to the 40th herman family reunion and camping out on the dunes of lake michigan. these are just a few mental images to sum up the trip:

tim’s hundred dollar mohawk, the friendly goat known as boss, the spastic surf dog known as rufus, sunsets, dunes, and abandoned cars.