Monthly Archives: October 2021

The Writing Team

writing_teamI had to go to the writer’s room and crack some skulls this morning. My new job at the hospital has resulted in a steady paycheck, an increase in Advil for shoulder pain, and a serious decrease in blog posts. My writing team plays Atari games when I’m away, and doesn’t seem to get the idea that they need to come up with fresh ideas. Hang on a second… I AM THE WRITING TEAM! I watch TV and play Atari games when I get home from work instead of writing new blog posts. My apologies dear reader. In the words of Pogo, “…we have met the enemy, and he is us.”

No Vulcan Sign Language

livelongandprosperMy inner dork was disappointed when the ASL interpreter didn’t display a well known Vulcan sign yesterday.  While I was watching KU’s Morning Medical Update program, one of the co-hosts was making Star Trek references during the show’s opening.  The good folks who produce daily shows like this at KU provide information that is mostly about Covid-19.  I can only imagine how much brevity goes into a medical show of this nature, and any time you can have light conversation it must feel like taking a moment to just breathe.  When he said “live long and prosper” and made the coinciding hand gesture, I thought it would be cool if the ASL interpreter in the bottom corner of the screen would also do it, but he just signed the words for “live long and prosper.”  I sent Dr. Stites (the Morning Medical Update co-host) a message in Microsoft Teams expressing my disappointment with the ASL interpreter, and my support for the program.