Monthly Archives: November 2013

Retro Thanksgiving Radio

89point3oh man, this is the coolest. it’s easy to get nostalgic on a major holiday, right? well a radio station in minneapolis is bouncing around the decades each hour for a time machine weekend. right now they are playing songs from 1977. in the last half hour i’ve heard richard hell, fleetwood mac, and ELO. in a couple of minutes they will have an hour of music from 1989. buckle up kids, this ride won’t be over ’til sunday night.

Google Who

google doctor whoon saturday google celebrated 50 years of doctor who with a game where you can travel in the TARDIS, flip switches, and get carried off by a pterodactyl. i got past the daleks and cybermen and finished it in a little over 30 minutes. this is the screen you see at the end of the game (pictured above), and this is the music that google plays when you’re done.

1984 Shower Peep

shower peep 1984a classmate found this cartoon that i drew almost 30 years ago. i think she was writing an article for our school paper. we were both on the staff.  ironically i did NOT go on the senior trip. however, i did go back to 1984 this morning to watch electric dreams on youtube.

Dead Mall Tourists

metcalf-south-05metcalf south has been a dead mall for over 10 years now. jenny & i checked in last night to see what places were still in business. we remember when it was full of shoppers in the 80′s. the only places that the public can shop now are macy’s, sears, and topsy’s popcorn. movie goers can also go the glenwood arts theater there. most of the foot traffic, however, comes from old people who keep in shape walking the mall. it’s cheaper than a gym membership.

Spaceballs Baby

backwards babyi was teaching CPR to 16 students last night. one of the exercises is back slaps and chest thrusts on an infant mannequin to remove a choking item. during that exercise one of the infants’ head came off, and when i put it on the table to begin compressions and breaths (CPR) the head was on backwards. i didn’t notice what had happened until one of the students started snickering. i thought of that scene from spaceballs where mel brooks can actually look down and see his own butt is because his head is on backwards.

Lost Week

lostwkndthis morning i looked at my blog and thought “where did the week go?” ray milland lost a weekend to heavy drinking, i just lost a week to: coffee, CPR classes, netflicks, youtube, jeep repairs, and a couple of roadtrips.

Yamaha PSS-80

PSS-80the yamaha name has been used alot in my family. my uncle used to sell yamaha motorcycles, there is a yamaha piano in my mom’s living room, and my first circuit bending project resulted in the death of a yamaha pss-30 keyboard two years ago. it took that long for me to work up the courage to tinker with a yamaha again. my friend roz found this pss-80 model at a thrift store awhile back, and gave it to me. i got these sounds from it yesterday, and everybody lived.

Gone Bananas

hannahjerryandmewe had a good time with mondo beep @ first fridays despite a few snafus. first of all i forgot to bring carrots, so we sent hannah, angie, and rebekah to YJ’s for bananas. then the cold temps started to affect some of my equipment, so jerry amped up his keyboard. then the batteries died on one of the boomboxes, so we plugged everything into the other one, and beeped until we were sore. thanks to everyone who came out. oh, and we taught at least 30 people how to play smoke on the water… on bananas.

Smoke on the Mondo

deep-purple5most guitarists will tell you that the first thing they ever felt cool playing was deep purple’s  smoke on the water. well at tonight’s mondo beep spectacle, we have the carrots tuned up to play that riff. so if you’re headed east past 18th and baltimore, and you’ve never picked up an instrument, you can still play a carrot and make smoke on the water.