Monthly Archives: August 2016

My Feet vs. Clown Feet

feethere’s one last pic from the gig at the gardens. i wanted to dispel a notion that was repeated all through my teenage years about my “big” feet. my feet were often compared to skis, boats, and yes… even clown feet. as you can see by the pic above, my feet don’t even come close. a big thanks goes to cookie the clown for allowing his feet to be used in comparison. he was probably teased more than me when he was growing up.

More Pics From The Gardens

electricandaircousticbrianna sent me more pics from our performance two saturdays ago. she’s the activities director at the gardens at jackson creek where beep goes the weasel joined in the festivities of family fun day! above: me and cookie the clown with our guitars. he has an AIRcoustic. below: josh (my roadie) shows one of the residents how to play the theremin.joshuatheteacher

Reverse Oasis

cactus societylast night jenny & i were driving on the missouri side, and walked around loose park. it’s one of kansas city’s larger parks with enough space to throw frisbees or play tennis, soccer, and drums (all at the same time!) many photographers go there for the rose garden, but when i saw the cactus garden, i said “jenny take a picture of me here!” heck, i might even join the cactus & succulent society! it’s cheaper than AARP!

$99 Laptop

waitsshopbookofelisome people only buy new computers. i have purchased new and used ones. it’s a roll of the dice either way to be honest. i felt like like i was looking at a scrap heap when i bought a $99 laptop at direct computer outlet today. it’s an HP 630 model that is probably 5 or 6 years old. there was actually a cheaper one behind it ($79) but it was running on windows vista, and i have heard bad stories about that operating system. i’m gonna use the HP 630 to play veggies, show educational film shorts, and burn CD’s.

Ethnic Enrichment Fest 2016

ethnicfestjenny & i drove to swope park sunday to check out the annual ethnic enrichment festival. it’s been attracting more people with each passing year, which means the little patch of land hasn’t expanded since the late 1990′s, but a LOT more people are showing up. it’s cool that so many people come to this thing to experience other cultures. it’s not cool that i’ve started feeling agoraphobic at these type of gatherings. we stood in line for plantains from ecuador, and a blended pineapple coconut drink from kenya.

The Gardens Went Beep!

best beepsi got a call from brianna. she’s the activites director for the gardens at jackson creek. she caught beep goes the weasel one time in front of salon kitch, and asked if we could play at the gardens for family fun time! it was short notice, but we made it work last saturday. we were joined by cookie the clown, who played a instrument with his nose, but it sounded like it was being played by another part of his body.

George The Tuba Player

bestlast week jenny as jenny and i were headed west on 75th street she said, “hey there’s a guy playing the tuba!” i heard the instrument’s familiar low brassy sound as we drove past. we were on our way to shawnee mission park to take advantage of the nice weather. two hours later we were going back home the same way, and he was still playing his tuba. his name is george. he plays in the parking lot between sang sang express and ryan’s steakhouse for tips. we gave him $5.

Cheap Papayas!

papayasi don’t know how much people pay for papayas at a grocery store, but when i saw them priced at “two pounds for one dollar,” that seemed like a good deal to me. i could almost hear an announcer saying “c’mon down! the price is right!” i picked them up for two beep goes the weasel gigs coming up this weekend. this is kind of exciting. i’ve never played papayas. the biggest piece of synthesized produce so far has been an eggplant. and that cost me more than two papayas!

The West Wing Weekly

west wingthe west wing was a show came out in the late 1990′s starring martin sheen, rob lowe, stockard channing, and a bunch of other cool actors. it’s a political drama that i enjoyed on network tv, and then again on netflix. NOW there’s a podcast about it called the west wing weekly! i listened to the first episode while doing dishes this afternoon. in addition to commenting on the episodes, they also compare the subject matter on the show to what’s going on politically today.

Shower Curtains

scaryshowerthe day that angie came over to pick up some records, she also emailed me an mp3 track that we recorded last year. it’s a song about my shower curtain fear in other people’s homes. i know there really isn’t a dead body inside anyone’s bathroom, but i’ve seen too many movies to NOT be suspicious.