Monthly Archives: April 2012

St. Joseph Antique Mall

jenny & i rode to st. joseph w/jan & jeremy today to check out a massive antique mall. we saw ALOT of cool stuff: coca cola drive in speakers, portable 8 track player, walkie talkies w/morse code buttons, and a velvet elvis.

To Hoovie’s and Back

two saturdays ago i made a kamikaze trip to southwest missouri to see my friend jeff hoover, and go back to 1984… the arcade. the pic above was taken when we were playing joust. jeff aka “hoovie” sent me home with some retro electronics he had lying around. the 1984 employees hit the main breaker at 11:00pm, killing all the power to the games & i got home around 3:30am sunday morning.

…before i left his house we put our musical talents together and recorded this with my monotron and the effects on his amp.

Happy Birthday Sara!

Wailin’ Wall @ Homer’s

i’m playing with wailin’ wall tomorrow night at homer’s. this is a group that puts a roots rock americana spin on just about everything. we’ll be trying out some new material, including a few originals and fresh covers.

Show #6: The Commentary

danny williams and i get together on tuesdays. sometimes we play on different instruments (guitar, synth, skillet, toilet brush, etc.) and most of the time we record whatever is happening that day. one day we recorded danny playing guitar, me making noises, and both of us commenting on it. ladles and jungle jims, it’s show number 6: the commentary.

Back to the Boulevard

the boulevard drive in theater is 15 minutes from our house. last weekend they opened for the season with a new projector and a double feature. jenny & i decided to go at the last minute, and had a great time.

First Fridays Part 3

i went back to play on the sidewalk two nights ago for first fridays in the crossroads art district. chris mull didn’t have anything going on so he said he’d join me. we experienced battery failure early on, but played until someone threw a dollar at us. when we left we saw the sundogs (above) playing surf rock on the corner of 18th and baltimore.

Fish Tacos

i ate fish tacos for the first time at mccormick & schmick’s on the plaza. it was better than jiffy squid. jenny ordered sweet potato fries.

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot

…when you’re not, you’re not. jenny got this coke temperature gauge in lincoln. it really wasn’t 90 degrees when i took this pic. the direct sunlight must be affecting it. oh well. it looks cool. all i need now is a gas pump and an air hose.

One Mellow Sunday

jenny’s in lincoln with family and friends this weekend & i’ve been staying out of trouble while she’s gone. so what have i done the last couple of nights? a load of laundry, a stack of dishes, and i got the 4th high score on judge dredd at thunderball. this is what a pinball game says when you’re out of quarters.