Monthly Archives: October 2013

Kramer’s Five Dollar Bill

IMG_20131030_125811a few days ago i emailed a story to the gang @ stuck in the 80s. they pulled it out of the reader mailbag on their halloween podcast that was posted yesterday. it’s a story that i originally wrote and submitted to national public radio’s three minute fiction contest. NPR ignored it, but the kindred spirits at stuck in the 80s read the whole thing on their most recent show. thanks guys! here’s the story. also click here if you want to hear that entire podcast, it’s an awesome tribute to an american werewolf in london.

Goodbye Lou

Lou-Reedyesterday i found out that lou reed died over the weekend, sunday to be exact. i had been out of town visiting my sister. this month alone i’ve dealt with 3 deaths among friends and family, all of which were sad and sobering in their own way, but lou reed’s death was different. i had a physical reaction that felt like someone punched me in the stomach. i first heard him in college when one of my roommates played walk on the wild side for me. when i got the news that lou reed was gone yesterday, i hijacked the music @ work and played walk on the wild side, dirty boulevard, what’s good, this magic moment, sweet jane, and iggy pop’s tonight in quick succession.

Living Room Jam

jerry and gearjerry ponzer came over yesterday. we both had the morning off and used the time to circuit bend, brainstorm, and jam. we’re both looking forward to bringing new gear to the sidewalk next friday for mondo beep.

Who Are You

DCIM101MEDIAwas able to get a couple of weird looping bends on the whiz kid plus, and make a quick line out from an old tape recorder and some alligator clips.

Cody’s Quick Stop

cody's in libertyjenny & i took a sunday drive after church and wandered up to liberty, mo. we parked on the square, walked into a tiny beautiqué, and didn’t find anything. THEN we drove down east mill street and saw cody’s quick stop. they had soft serve ice cream. i got the pumpkin flavor and it was amazing.

Give a Man a Fish…

fishermanthere is an old saying that goes, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” well last week my brother in law from omaha showed jenny & i how to FRY fish. thanks dhruba.


josh christy and jennyalot of stuff has been going on since the last post. we’re REALLY happy for josh & christy (above) and their baby that’s coming soon. ok, here’s a quick rundown of other things that haven’t made it on the blog until now: finished painting the front of the house, lit numerous fires in the new chiminea, revived circuit bending projects (thanks jerry!), and currently writing an artist’s statement so i can apply for a grant from the charlotte street foundation.

30 Percent Chance

Octo Mondo Beep

3shothad an awesome time doing mondo beep at the new spot last night. this time i took pictures and video until the camera died. everyone played carrots on the laptop until the battery died… then we just put in a spare one and played some more! at one point, four people were playing at the same time; and a guy with glowing gloves showed up for visual effect. thanks to everyone who stopped to veg out!

Mathematics Bend Again

rocket shottonight mondo beep returns to its new location, under the rocket. now if you show up and i’m not exactly under the rocket, then take a few steps east on 18th street. we’ll be between baltimore and main. tonight i’m bringing the speak and math back out of retirement. it will be a fun time for number stumpers, greater than less than, word problems, and much more!