Monthly Archives: July 2011

The Wetzel Sisters

i work with lois wetzel. i just finished reading a book that she bought me from border’s before they closed their doors forever. tonight she sang at homer’s with her sister laura. one of the songs was first day of my life. so cool. they played to an audience of friends, family, and coffeehouse regulars. it was awesome.

Patience for the Hot Glue Gun

i set up a card table to circuit bend in my living room yesterday. it’s alot easier than working on a piece of cardboard on the floor. i also learned that it takes a little patience to use a hot glue gun. one of the wires popped loose when i moved it around the first time. the newest ‘bend’ i found was a feedback sound. i don’t even need to play a key, it just feeds back.


i was thinking of the chinese restaurant in desperately seeking susan, and how cool it would be to have a retro chinese restaurant delivery t-shirt. the shirt pictured above was one of many cool tees that i found on

Wired For Quiet

eventually i’ll get tired of electronic accomplishments, but right now every little success makes me feel like thomas edison. today’s hurdle involved cannibalizing a headphone jack from an old radio. i disassembled the piece last night, and put it back together this morning on the yamaha keyboard that i’m circuit bending. this takes care of two things: i can work on this project while jenny’s home (i can now wear headphones & she won’t complain about the noise), AND it doubles as a line out to a larger amp.

The First Bend is the Shortest

my latest obsession is circuit bending. it’s hard (and easy) to believe that no one in the greater kansas city area knows about this. i drove to four different places to get the right parts. this is my first recorded bend with a new distortion effect controlled by a pentiometer (a knob).

How I Got Bent

actually, i forgot how i discovered circuit bending. i just know that after seeing a few youtube tutorials, i wanted to duplicate the trippy 1970′s alien moog sound that other people were making. i’m glad to announce that today, with the help of one friend who runs a CB radio store, and another friend who sells pinball games, i bent my first circuit. i connected two unrelated circuits to create a “distortion” effect on my yamaha pss 30 keyboard. i’ll post a video as soon as wires, knobs, and switches are permanently attached.

Unbent Keyboard Circuits

i indulged myself yesterday with a trip to radio shack. i bought a soldering iron, wires, and some really small screwdrivers in an attempt to circuit bend my little yamaha keyboard. so far success has eluded me. later i used my frustration to fuel a video upload: my contribution to the long khan… an endless stream of people screaming “khan!”

Happy Birthday to Me

Proof That We Were There

we only took a few pics on our vacation. jenny and i are happy when we can lose ourselves in an experience… we don’t want to be burdened with the chore of recording it. but sometimes we make exceptions. here’s a handful of pics from our trip to michigan and illinois.

End of the Transition

i think my mind has left the dunes of michigan and finally caught up with my body, which is currently located in the steam bath of kansas. i did not expect to be caught in the storm that blew through the greater metro area last night, but we had to go 15 mph on the shoulder with the hazard lights on a couple of times.