This Is How We Do It

01recordingPlug in a cable.
Flip a switch.
Push a button.
Check the audio levels.
In the simplest terms, this is how I make a podcast. Sometimes the editing process feels like I’m putting together a jigsaw puzzle, and when the computer slows down it feels like I’m watching a turtle race. Regardless of the metaphor, we are gaining ground and making headway on THE EPILOGUE CABIN. Here is a sneak preview of upcoming shows.

7 Responses to This Is How We Do It

  1. I just got together with 2 old girlfriends. We laughed so hard at the sound old. But it has been 30+ years ago. We have a date set in January to meet again. I can relate to Epilogue Cabin. My how things change.

  2. Mom, were they friends from Meadowview?

  3. Old, and I mean old classmate. Did I say old?

  4. The oldest living friend from high school I see once in a while is a retired gas company chemist turned instrument repairman whose tools he inherited from his dad, my band director. We used to ‘jam’ in his dad’s office during lunch in school.

  5. Yes, you knew the both. Carol Mc Ginn & Marty Moore. I’ll msg. you our picture. They both asked about you and Darla.

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