Monthly Archives: March 2024

The Biggest Win

WIN BY A GAMMONSweep, Blow-out, Walkaway… GAMMON!  The last term is used when someone wins a game of Backgammon by “bearing off” all of their pieces, utterly defeating the opponent who has not been able to remove a single piece.  If you achieve this type of victory, you can hold your head up high and say “I won by a GAMMON!”  Don’t be surprised if you get quizzical looks, though.  I’m not sure the phrase ever really caught on.

Nature’s Newest Little Joke

It catches food with it’s own snot, it’s swollen in the middle, and it’s name sounds like an insult… ladies & gentlemen meet THE PIG BUTT WORM!

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Globe

ECO_ELOf course he’s wearing a green jumpsuit– He’s Eco Elvis! The man who would be king is an impersonator on a mission to save the earth. Matt Riggs is an “edutainer” that changed the lyrics to Elvis’ hits to make them eco-friendly, and he “Can’t Help Recycling It All” for you.  A big Elvis “Thank ya very much” to Chris Mull for snapping this photo!


LookebaLookeba, it sounds like an indigenous tribal name– but it’s not.  It is a town in Oklahoma named after three white men: Lowe, Kelley, and Baker– it’s also where my family lived for a few years in the late 70′s.  This was our house that we built between just outside of town.  My brother-in-law asked for the address so he could drive by it on his way home from New Orleans recently.  Not much has changed.  The big cedar tree out front is gone, and so is my dad’s short bed Chevy truck, but I can still hear him practicing his scales on the trumpet.