Monthly Archives: July 2016

Lost Music On A Lamp Post

IMG_20160725_194728last monday night was the first time in weeks it didn’t feel like an oven outside. i texted joshua, my guitar student & music video production assistant, to see if he wanted to run some errands in my un-air conditioned jeep. as we headed west on santa fe we saw a bag of “lost music” taped to a lamp post. inside was a handful of sheet music for piano students.IMG_20160725_200144i’ll admit, i don’t have a good excuse for grabbing someone else’s stuff, except that it’s HIGHLY unlikely that the real owner would ever show up, and i’ll just confess now that i really wanted to see what was in that bag!

Still Reeling From All The Attention

DCIM100MEDIAi was almost ready to stop making posts about my last birthday, but then my mom recently commented that she wanted to see the photos and videos from my 50th birthday party a couple of saturdays ago. well mom there’s one pic above, and you can click here to see 71 more. videos are coming soon. a big thanks to maja for running the camera!

They Had My Number & It Was 50

DCIM100MEDIAi turned 50 a few days ago. my wife put together a party last saturday & invited some friends and family. we didn’t pin the tail on the donkey, or give a spanking for each year that had passed– both of those stopped happening after my family left california. however, part of last saturday’s activities included putting name tags all over me. each guest was asked to write a word or phrase that described “dave.” that’s mom, me, and my sister in the pic above.

Night Of The Living Geezers

channel84tvyears ago tom geeding and i created an online cartoon strip about a fictitious TV station and called it channel 84. i’m not sure i even owned a computer at the time. it seems like i was always driving to the library to send him an email. his youngest son michael bought the rights to channel 84, and turned it into a gaming podcast. last week he interviewed us, and we talked about a lot of stuff including the show’s humble origins. pictured above from left to right: tom, nick (tom’s oldest son), me, and michael.

The Fairman Brothers

fairman_bros_U2eyyesterday i waited until the storms passed to pick up wesley and joshua. they are helping me put together a music video that i’ve been wanting to make for a long time. we bought some high density fog juice from a cashier who thought i was asking for “fart juice.” sunday night they both watched a ton of 80′s videos by artists like gary numan, falco, kim wilde, and alphaville. keep checking back to see our finished product!

My Second Teenage Engineering Synth

officeandarcadei was having SO much fun with my first teenage engineering synth that i bought another one. the new one is on the left. it is the PO-24 office, and it can be synced with the PO-20 arcade (as pictured above). if you look at each screen you can also see a clock function. i took this picture at 6:59pm. here’s a two minute recording i made using both of these synths.

All Purpose Balls

allpurposeballshere are a couple more pics from the 2016 herman family reunion. these guys have some serious, glow in the dark, balls.

80s Radio Unearthed

91X-CREW-CA-1987i’m always looking for ways to time travel on the internet. i gorge on podcasts like stuck in the 80s, chips dips and dorks, and mortified. imagine my delight when i found almost 10 hours of alternative rock radio recorded in the mid to late 80s. the DJ’s pictured above worked at 91X in san diego… and yes, that is the station that spawned these recordings.

Old Style Hermans

old style hermansthis was taken in front of the old style tavern last friday night in marengo, IA. unless we’re stopped by distance or circumstance, jenny & i drive to the  herman family reunion every 4th of july weekend. saturday there were 75 of us at the 4-H hall singing “will the circle be unbroken” before eating lunch together. more pics from the weekend are below. i’ll post a video soon.oldstyledance oldstylepool volleyball