Still Steven After All These Years

withamicHe moves like a statue and he sounds like an uncle that just woke up. It has to be Steven Wright. I was flipping through youtube videos when I came across his 1990 HBO special, Wicker Chairs and Gravity. I couldn’t stop laughing. Here’s a partial transcript of the one liners:
“I’m staying in an old hotel, they sent me a wakeup letter.”

“One time I stayed in a hotel, the pool was on the 23rd floor… couldn’t believe how deep it was.”

“I was walking home one day, I accidentally fell asleep in somebody’s
satellite dish. My dreams were showing up on TVs all over the world.”

“One time I went fishing with Salvador Dali… he was using a dotted line… he caught every other fish.”

“If you shoot a mime, should you use a silencer?”

2 Responses to Still Steven After All These Years

  1. Is he still performing? I’ll have to look him up.
    Those 1 liners are pretty funny.

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