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Be All You Can Bernstein

stripesIMDB“be all that you can be” is playing in an army commercial that bill murray is watching in the opening scenes of stripes. a few minutes later there is a movie score that elmer bernstein created for bill murray’s character, john winger. it’s even listed on the original soundtrack as winger. i saw the movie when it came out in the early 1980′s. a couple of weeks ago i finally figured out how to play this little tune. thanks to imdb for the photo.

Air Hockey Jesus

arkadia1the kids were getting carried away at arkadia retrocade last saturday. the vintage 80′s arcade in fayetteville, arkansas draws in thrill seekers of all ages, not just middle aged nerds like myself. as i was  playing rastan (a game that looks like conan the barbarian), i heard a preteen boy exclaim I AM JESUS! because his air hockey skills were so divine.

Still A Spy Hunter

spyhunterhighscorei got the high score on spy hunter at 1984 last saturday. who am i kidding? i got the top 5 scores on that game despite the fact the steering wheel kept pulling to the left! spy hunter is a driving game where you can acquire oil slicks & smoke screens to disable enemy cars behind you, and you can shoot heat seeking missiles at helicopters above you!

In Between Arcades

jimnmelast weekend i spent a combined time of 8 hours in two arcades. friday i was at arkadia retrocade in fayetteville, ar. saturday i was at 1984 in springfield, mo. when i wasn’t playing space invaders & congo bongo, i was hanging out with family and friends. the pic below is near avilla, mo. where i helped michael and michele get their cows across the road from one pasture to another. when i asked michele what we were doing, she answered “pushing up cows.”cowpanorama

Like A Tiger At The Rino

likeatigerfriday night we went exploring and heard like a tiger at the rino, a coffee and cocktail bar in north kansas city. like a tiger were one of the opening bands for unwed sailor, an ambient drone group from oklahoma. we didn’t stay for the headliner, but we got to hear some cool instrumental rock as we sipped on our cocktails… just another sleepy night in the city.

The Sunday Morning Experiment

tripleshotlast sunday morning i was practicing church music with the enduros. tanner was on drums, and josh was playing bass. josh was noodling around on a cool riff, and he asked tanner and i to join in. it turned into this. i tell you these young turks are fearless.

Snatched From The Brink

struggling writer 2i was almost asleep when the cat woke me up. my cat doesn’t wake me up when there’s danger. he’s not a dog. he wakes me up because he’s bored. after a failed attempt at going back to sleep, i looked up some old xanga blog entries that tom geeding and i made 14 years ago. our online names were carlo and skeeter. i was carlo. here’s one from april 29, 2005:
The lilacs spoke my name as the sidewalk yawned, suddenly there were gas-powered hot wheels coming out of the grass blades. “Could there be a dealership down there? Who taught those ants to drive? I didn’t think Volkswagens could get any smaller.” These were just a few random thoughts that passed as I realized that my lawn needed mowing.
- Carlo

Man, I’ve seen your lawn…it could have been Teamsters and a Mack Truck. Break down and buy a Toro or something.
- Skeeter

Happy Birthday Chloé

bigshowthere’s no rain in the forecast, a room temperature high of 72 degrees is expected, and chloé is 25 today! jenny & i still remember the moment her maternal grandma, janelle, said “IT’S A GIRL!” and chloé’s paternal grandpa, bob, repeated “IT’S A GIRL?!!!” as he smiled in a rare display of giddy joy. chloé will probably receive a lot of gifts in the next few days, but she actually likes to give gifts as much as she likes receiving them. she gave this gift to jenny a couple of weeks ago, and it really brightened up her day. happy birthday kiddo.
-above image borrowed from martin gram’s kickstarter page for the big show

Sleepy Fog

foggftscottthey must have stayed up late the night before. sometimes it’s too easy to roll around in the sky, and bounce off each other like big cushy pillows. they can do that sort of thing when the boss isn’t around. now it’s morning. i know the clouds are still asleep because there’s a heavy fog that hasn’t lifted yet. you can almost hear them snoring. the sunlight from their boss is slowly exposing their laziness. it won’t be long before they can’t take the heat, and go back to work. but for now… in this “in between” time, i can be sleepy with the foggy clouds.
big thanks to dav mohler for taking this ft. scott photo!

Super Mega Awesome Kids

lockwoodkidsif you go to the website for lockwood R-1 schools, you’ll see this pic, and read these words: Congrats to the following music students! Exemplary Rating and will go onto State Contest: Mary Lynn’s solo; Casey’s solo; Sara’s solo; Vocal Trio of Mary Lynn, Casey, and Sara. Outstanding Rating: Abriel’s solo. i am one proud uncle!