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Work Fog

FOGJames Dean, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Durante… if I let my imagination run wild, anyone or anything could emerge from the fog– even dead celebrities.  When my family left California, the smog was so thick we rolled down the windows to listen for cars before driving through an intersection.  Last week there was a heavy fog that settled over the metro.  My eyes were peeled, and my phone camera was ready, but no one from the past ever came out of the fog.  I shrugged my shoulders and went to work.  This is what it looked like at 7:30.

Somebody Else’s Dream

The Equal Tee

equal_teeI am not greater than, I am not less than, I am equal.  That’s the message on this t-shirt that I designed a few months ago.  If I have hard feelings toward someone and blame it on the other person’s behavior– I am being ‘greater than.’  If I feel intimidated by someone else and their personal convictions, I am thinking of myself as ‘less than.’  Being ‘equal’ to everyone, and recognizing my own value and worth without anyone’s approval or validation is a new concept to me.  It’s going to take practice and meditation, but I’m worth it.