Monthly Archives: December 2012

Story & Sound

i made two discoveries this week: the moth and walter steding. steding used to open for bands like blondie and the ramones @ CBGB’s, and his cameo in blank generation knocked me out. i loved the spinning glasses, and experimental violin sounds. and the moth? it’s a podcast with some of the best stories, and storytellers i’ve heard in a long time.

The Day After Christmas

it’s the day after christmas. i had some free time. i recorded this.

Bruce in the 80s

recently i started streaming american top 40 countdowns from the 80s, and heard a really cool intro about bruce springsteen and his charities right at the beginning of his born in the USA period. this one’s for you, zach.

Old School Christmas

matt hawkins told me about this video yesterday. so awesome.

Dead Smart Phone, Etc.

i almost forgot to mention the debut of laura’s smart phone at the mondo beep experiment last week. she downloaded some really cool synth apps that sounded awesome… until her phone went dead. fortunately she recorded this while it was still alive. the last stop for the night was the screenland crossroads arcade where the movie posters are almost as cool as the old games.

Parade of Freaks

i messed around with the webotribe and my electric guitar this morning… not sure how to describe the sound. i think it lies somewhere between a march and a menace… yeah, that’s it… a parade of freaks could be the name for this one.

Splat At Your Own Risk

the image above was created by a flick of the wrist and the push of a button. i was guided by voices and led to a word of warning: if you’re not careful it could happen to you too.

Casey Kasem

i have re-discovered casey kasem’s american top 40. i was driving home from my sister’s house recently, and the radio was playing a broadcast of american top 40 circa 1985. apparently my nostalgia for the 80s is shared by program directors who still play the old hits as if they were something new. casey kasem had a voice that was synonymous with my youth, and thanks to the internet i can hear it again. the most recent countdown was a re-broadcast from the weekend of december 8, 1981. the number one song from that weekend? olivia newton john’s physical.

First Fridays Year End Recap

it was a strange first fridays in the crossroads two nights ago. laura met carol and i at the usual spot between wyandotte and baltimore on 18th street. carol had some crocheted hats to sell, but the cold temps kept the hip hoppers and the jazz band away. a few art lovers were still wandering in the night. our noise attracted a stream of consciousness poet and a prank mugging.

Dr. Katz on DVD

i went to the library a couple of days ago, and checked out the dr. katz series on DVD. i used to watch this show when we had cable. lemme tell you, it’s just as good the second time around. here’s a joke from the show:

Q: what did the zen buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

A: make me one with everything