Monthly Archives: December 2014

Night of the Comet Podcast Preview

NIGHT-OF-THE-COMET-1984last week i made a post about night of the comet, and how kitch fairman and i are making an audio tribute to this 30 year old movie. here is a preview.

A Little Before Christmas

merry christmasfriday night, jenny and i went to lee’s summit for dinner and a gift exchange with a few friends and our godchildren. earlier last week it snowed so i put jill and ramone (from the jill and ramone show) on the window sill to see the view from our living room.

Night of the Comet

sam and regnight of the comet is sort of a zombie apocalypse movie that came out 30 years ago. i saw it in the theater with some college friends. to commemorate the anniversary kitch fairman joined me in my living room and we recorded our conversation about the movie. at the risk of alienating the main readers of this blog (my mom and dad), i’ll be posting an audio podcast of my conversation with kitch, plus dialogue and music from the movie. this homage is coming soon to a computer screen or mobile device near you.

Chonka Chonka Jam

turban angie croppedangie came over to work on music with me this morning. we’ve been practicing on tuesdays for a homer’s gig coming up in february. today our practice ended with this jam. i was banging out a rhythm and doing random guitar bits while angie was making up a melody on the keyboard.

Just Another Friday Night @ Home

FOGnate works with me @ homer’s. he came over last night and i cooked sausage, kraut, and potatoes for dinner. we jammed on synthesizers, and watched youtube videos with cats, dwarves, and a camel. he stayed about four hours and then a fog rolled in to take his place. i couldn’t resist the urge to drive in the fog, so after he left i wandered around the neighborhood for a half hour and took this pic of the santa fe commons.

The Theft, The Movie, and Me

mona lisa docmona lisa is missing is a documentary joe medeiros started filming in 2008. the movie retraces the steps of vincenzo peruggia, the man who stole the mona lisa from the louvre over a hundred years ago in 1911. i watched it on netflix yesterday and posted a comment on joe’s movie blog. he responded to me that same day!