The Return Of Dinovember

dinovemberSTICKYDinovember is here again. It’s the time of year when Refe & Susan Tuma wreck their home in the name of fun and creativity. In past years the Kansas City couple have photographed plastic dinosaurs around overturned cereal bowls and unwound toilet paper rolls. This year it looks like the dinosaurs are finally seeing consequences to their actions. Check out more cool pics on their website.

5 Responses to The Return Of Dinovember

  1. Takes all kinds of imaginations to make the world go round. Took too long to bring up their Web site this morning will try later.

  2. Fun concepts, simple props, native environment, plastic toys…excellent…just add children to further the idea..

    • hey Hoovie, you forgot to put your name on the comment! that’s why I had to moderate it. Good thing your email was in there, otherwise I wouldn’t have known it was you!

  3. If I had dinosaurs mess up my house, they would suffer the same consequences that I did when I was a kid- the belt ( my dad’s) or the door (on the side of my head for slamming it-from my mom, and I would have to apologize to it

  4. By now you probably know what my favorite dinosaur is. The grinch! :) .

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