“I’ll Stop The World…”

spaceinvaders“…and melt with you.” that’s what modern english sang in the movie, valley girl. whenever i hear that song, time sort of stops, but if i really want to stop time, all i have to do is play an old arcade game. i used to drive to places like tapcade, 1984, and arkadia retrocade– now, thanks to my friend hoovie, i just flip a switch on my own personal arcade machine! when space is invaded, and a donkey’s last name is “kong,” time has slowed down to my speed.

4 Responses to “I’ll Stop The World…”

  1. Son, you are more than clever with the words you use. I’m so proud of you.

  2. Yea, son, but you’ve gotta admit, part of the thrill was the trip, and now that we’re older (and that includes me), I just stay home and save gas. That’s fun enough.

  3. mom: you are more than encouraging with the words YOU use! thanks!
    dad: i’m actually making a trip this weekend to cedar rapids to see some of jenny’s family!

  4. awesome

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