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When We All Take The Leap

leapdayEven the most cautious person will take a leap today. It’s inevitable. I looked it up and apparently the earth takes exactly 365.25 days to go around the sun. Whoever figured out the orbit situation could have named that extra year and extra day anything when you think about it. Bonus Year would have been cool.

Show #6 Is On The Air

biggerengineerWe can all breathe easier now. The sound crew worked their magic on the latest episode of THE EPILOGUE CABIN last night while I covered an empty shift at Homer’s. By the time I got home the guys were patting each other on the back and heading to the local tavern. They invited me to go, but I said “no thanks” and stayed home and watched The Human Duplicators on Mystery Science Theatre. Enough of my shenanigans… heeeeere’s Becky!

No Pants Required

livingroomATARI_1SIS: “Hey Bro, you better put some pants on, Mom’s got the camera out again.”
BRO: “I’m not falling for that old trick Sis! The last time I put on pants you beat my high score!”
The kids in this old photo are playing something on an Atari 2600. My sister and I had a Pong game console with 4 variations that we would play after school. The only time we looked like these kids was on Saturday morning– but we weren’t playing Pong, we were watching Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the Roadrunner.
-image from PatmanQC video, ‘The History of Pitfall!’

The World That Beckons

8bitDONUTshopNow this 8-bit doughnut shop after dark is the kind of world I could slip into. Of course I would have to accept the fact that my existence would be less defined and extremely shorter in that squared off reality. Oh sure there’s cool adventures to be had and super feats of strength to show off– but once the person on the other side of the screen runs out of quarters my life is over. Still… I can dream.

Evelyn’s Birthday @ The Dragon Inn

dragoninnEVELYN90Thursday night we took Evelyn to the Dragon Inn. It was her 90th birthday! Peter (on the far left) has known Evelyn since he was a teenager in the 1970′s. His family runs the Dragon Inn so he covered the tab. Barb (next to Peter) and Jenny planned the whole thing. Later that night we went back to Evelyn’s house to sing happy birthday and eat cake. It took all four of us to hold her down for a birthday spanking. After 90 whacks we were pretty worn out so she didn’t get “one to grow on.”

Us… But Not Us

Old WAYS pictureThis isn’t how it actually happened. Those people are not us. I am balding and her hair is lighter. We didn’t meet in a studio. I called her up and she said “hello.” She wasn’t spinning a record, but there were birds in the background. I wasn’t smoking a cigar, but I was drinking coffee. Here’s a preview of my next interview with Becky on THE EPILOGUE CABIN.

It Was Toll Free Inspiration

direct-currents-HOTLINE-dc-comicsSo this actually happened once upon a time in the 1970′s. Anyone who picked up a DC Comic book had a hotline to hear what writers, artists, and editors were doing every week. You can read more about it on Retroist. Back when you had to pay for long distance calls I used to wonder how many different 1-800 numbers existed. One night at my friend Dek’s house, we dialed every 1-800 number combination we could think of. We stayed awake until 4:00– but we never found Superman.

Day Two Always Feels Like Day One

banglesMONDAYLast week I put on a few Monday songs at Homer’s to welcome the crowd that comes in before sunrise. Today I’ll add some new ones. The playlist includes:
Manic Monday by The Bangles (pictured above)
Blue Monday
by Fats Domino
Rainy Days and Mondays
by The Carpenters
I Don’t Like Mondays
by The Boomtown Rats
New Moon On Monday
by Duran Duran
Come Monday
by Jimmy Buffett
…and of course you can’t have a list like this without The Mamas and The Papas singing Monday Monday.

There Is A Balm

tvwatchThere is a Balm in Gilead is a comforting old hymn that Jenny and I will sing when we need to hear the words. Our coffeehouse kids, in the same way, can make the tough times easier just by being in the same room. Katelyn loves spending time with Jenny. In the pic above they are watching a Mickey Mouse cartoon. In the one below we are saying goodbye at her birthday party. She turned 3 the next day.birthdaybye

Daylene Visits The Epilogue Cabin

oklahomabiggerToday’s guest on THE EPILOGUE CABIN moved to Oklahoma sometime after high school. It’s been 25 years since I’ve seen Daylene. We used to ride the bus to school together and rehearse for the school plays. We got caught up recently, and talked for an hour about old times and how our lives turned out.