pancho villapostcards from home is an audio series where jenny & i talk about old (and sometimes new) postcards, and then mail one. the original idea came to me┬áback in 2000 when i mailed some kansas postcards to old friends and family that i hadn’t seen in a long time. the postcards all said “wish you were home.” then about 13 years later during a visit with my parents the idea came up again, only this time with audio. our first show was recorded in march 2013.

show 7: pancho villa
show 6: clear lake
show 5: texas
show 4: toronto
show 3: greenfield
show 2: wheat state
show 1: painted desert

One Response to Postcards

  1. Dave,

    Met you last night at the Rocket Reception. See that you found me on FB. Will send link to video on FB.


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