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Night Eyes vs. Morning Eyes

unseenBIRDLast night Mom asked if I could see the bird that she saw in the floor tile pictured above. Can you see it? It was a question that came after I blogged about a face that I saw in my formica table. I told her that my night vision wasn’t so good and I would try again later with morning eyes. After two cups of coffee the bird was still hiding from me. Mom drew in some detail with a pencil and sent me this pic:seenBIRDI was glad she cleared that up for me. Then I looked around that same tile and saw this upside down Scooby Doo ghost waving at me…seenSCOOBYDOOGHOST

T-Shirt In Search Of A Band

letseattrash2When I saw this t-shirt it was one of those moments when I just smiled and shook my head. It’s available on Cool Trendy Gifts along with other t-shirts, mugs, and tank tops. However, this t-shirt looked more like an album cover. It needed a band. So I messed around this morning and gave it both.letseattrashBEAUJANGELL

Quarter Ration Time

01COINSHORTAGEdk-quarterThe bank abbreviated my request for change Monday. I asked for an assortment of quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies that totaled 7 rolls– they gave me 5 and told me the whole country is going through a national coin shortage right now. I guess that’s what happens when bank lobbies close and no one can cash in their big jars of change. NPR even called coins the new toilet paper because they will be harder to get until the mints start making more. Now I can’t get that bad joke of the guy who has to poop in the woods out of my head.

Going Back In Time With Ronda

youngRonda Ronda Bond is the latest guest on THE EPILOGUE CABIN! We talked about high school stuff, grown up stuff, and stuff that just made us laugh. One thing that really cracked me up was the fact that her parents raised purebred dogs, but Ronda has a mutt for a pet.

Better Than A Blue Light Special

livemusicattassosWe almost couldn’t believe it. He was there in person, and he was playing live music behind a plexiglass. Bill Gladden has been playing at Tasso’s for 25 years now. The chances of seeing someone– heck, seeing ANYONE play live these days is slim to none. Tasso’s re-opened after Covid-related renovations. We doubled with Don and Jennifer recently, and went there for dessert and live music. Don was putting some money in the tip jar as Bill was playing Us And Them. That’s a Pink Floyd track I have never heard anyone cover. Tasso’s is also the place to break plates and yell “OPA!” Yeah, we did that too.

The Summer Getaway Was… Here!

05 hanging aroundMary Lynn is my sister’s oldest daughter. She spent the first week of June with us. When she asked if she could drive up for a visit I said “sure, but I don’t think there will be much to do…” I was wrong. The first thing we did was play Golden Axe on my arcade machine. She was the Valkyrie, I was the Elf. After that we went in the backyard and she hung upside down on the monkey bars.valkyrieandelfThe rest of the week we did the following:
–went to Mickey’s Surplus where she bought dog tags, a backpack, and a grappling hook
–hiked 2 and a half miles over and under Johnson County streets
–found shade under an old canopy tree
–stared at murals by the clocktower
–discovered a concrete “submarine” in a local park01 mickeys gas02 the hike03 canopy treemurals06 the park sub

We Turned It Up To 11

big 11Ronda Bond will be the 11th guest on an upcoming episode of THE EPILOGUE CABIN. After Chad’s show I reached out to former guests to see if they could suggest someone to be on the program, and Missy said “call Ronda!” So I did, and she said “ok.” Here’s a promo!

Attracted And Repelled

beatlelipsI was scrolling through instagram when I saw this post from from the retro pic people at gotweird. This yellowed image was originally printed in 16, a fan magazine for teenagers. Half of the people that commented on instagram said they would gladly kiss that poster from 1965. The other half couldn’t pony up the cash, and got sick at the thought of kissing “lips” on a germ infested smartphone.

Do You See What I Saw?

croppedsneermanRecently I started drawing faces that I see in my formica table. Herb and Mo Neck were the first two and they were easy to spot (I think). They even had little fictional histories. The third one that I’m posting is more of a challenge. I saw the Chainless Monocled Sneer Man With a Comb Over a few weeks ago when I looked at the table below…formica for sneering…but now I can’t remember where he was… it’s as if he slipped back into a crowd of circus freaks, and every time I think I see his mouth or his eye it’s a different part of somebody else’s grotesque anatomy. If you see him on my table let me know… and if you see him on your table tell him to come back home.