BESTmp3sDUI meter –words & music by josh & dave
shampoo for my teeth –words & music by josh & dave
all work and no play –GUITAR, VOLCA BEATS, CASIO: dave
VOCALS: dave, angie
georgia geronimo –GUITAR: dave, THEREMIN: georgia
VOCALS: dave, georgia
shower curtains– GUITAR: dave, THEREMIN: angie
VOCALS: dave
walk like a casio– VOLCA BEATS, KOSMICHE APP, CASIO: dave
lurch– GUITAR: dave, THEREMIN: angie
local life– SYNTH: looped, FRUIT & VEGGIES: random pedestrians, THEREMIN: angie, CIRCUIT BENT SPEAK AND MATH: dave
smooth and crunchy– GUITAR: dave, KEYBOARD: angie

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  1. Any more to come?

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