“Let Your Light From The Lighthouse…”

ALL…shine on me.” Those are lyrics from a Blind Willie Johnson song recorded in the late 1920′s. Yesterday The Enduros played it in church. There’s something very satisfying about playing with a group of guys that are willing to jump off any musical cliff that our 5 piece collective is racing toward. Every once in awhile there’s a hiccup or a missed chord, but these guys aren’t chicken– they will stay in the car with me even when it’s in a free fall, and headed for the rocks. Here’s a little sample of our pre-service music– minus a death defying cliff hurdle.RightAgitatedAvians-size_restricted

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  1. Looking back at the comments, I didn’t see mine, maybe I forgot to press POST. Anyway I think the boys must really enjoy hanging out with you and each other. Lucky for them and you.

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